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Ideas To Create a Productive Home Office

In today’s times, the majority of individuals seek a freelance job. One that is free from the restriction of a 9 to 5 and offers the freedom to work from anywhere. This is how the concept of a home office setup came into being. What exactly is a home office, you may ask? It is precisely what is says – an office in a home. A home office is simply a corner, a room, or a designated spot at home that works as the professional working space of an individual. And if you are one of these individuals running a freelance business, and are looking for a great home office setup – this article is for you!

Tag along our journey to learn the best practices on how you can elevate your home office by manifolds. Here’s our take on how to create a productive home office idea for a happier, smarter, and diligent you.

Inspiring Enough

Your space should define your personality, reflect your taste, and inspire you. Hence, you must design a space that best reflects your choices. From the accent walls, furnishings to the stationery supplies, each element placed and organized in your home office must serve the purpose. Adding some glitz and glamour to your space to elevate the mood can also be inspiring to some. For others, it could be a well designed, well-staged, and well-organized home office structure.

Quote It

It is never wrong to go all out when designing your home office. To do so, you can make frames of your favorite inspiring quotes and nail them onto the walls. You can also add shelves above your desk and place these frames on it. Some of the most common framed quotes found at home offices would be ‘Never give up,’ ‘Be You,’ ‘Boss Babe.’ In fact, you can customize your frames and create your own sweet quote to frame it onto your wall.

Bring it to Life

When we say experience, we mean it with all our hearts. So, when you take up designing your idea for a productive home office, make sure you place at least one plant that needs minimal care. An indoor plant can help enliven your mood, making you productive all day all night. You can opt for low-maintenance indoor plants like sansevieria, a snake plant, a spider plant, or merely some ferns. Greens abundantly add life to any room, and it is no different for a home office setup.

Functional Elements

If you are like me, you are mostly burning the midnight oil to meet your deadlines. And for that, you’d need enough lights. Nights can be lazy, and to make sure you kick the procrastination out of your system, you can install mood lights around your home office space. For instance, the side lamp for your desk, LED on the shelves above you, intensity changing LED Lights can easily enhance your room’s functional value.


This is where you shall work for months to come, so make sure you buy furniture that is not just elegant in appearance but also comfortable enough. Try out ergonomic chairs, a minimalist IKEA desk, drawer organizers, wired desk shelves, pen holders to complete your look. For a rather simplistic outlook, switch to Scandinavian decor and nordic home office inspirations. These are by far the world’s most beautiful minimalist decor areas.

Get Artsy

Decorate your space with images that speak to your heart. Even while you are crunching numbers all day, you need something that can break the barrier between healthy working and a toxic working environment. As a writer, I sometimes live in a blind spot, and that can tax my mental health by a magnificent mile. To improve on my working conditions, I have installed a couple of art frames, a few candles, a vision board, and personal photographs onto my desk. This way, it lets me be in my zen mode while also allowing me to stay healthy, creative, and productive each day.

Don’t Forget the Floors

Your floors can either be too busy or too simple. But, if you are trying to find a balance between the two, a neutral muted tone rug will be of great help. Firstly, they are gorgeous and look rad in any corner of the room. Secondly, you are always welcomed with warmth on your feet – no more issues of running cold during the day. And lastly, a rug will in all possible ways enliven your home office decor

Nook vs. Space

Shifting gears from a corner desk to an entire home office room can leave you with endless possibilities. Not only does a home office offer your extra space, but it also allows you to play around with your room’s furnishings as per the demands. If you are a product-based brand working from the comfort of your home, an entire room can serve as your HQ for production. Be it making candles, handmade notebooks, or only any other product, a home office production merely is satisfying.

Let Light Enter

Crazy as it may sound, lights play a significant role in wholly transforming a room. Your mood, productivity, and workspace all set their attitudes depending on the lights you use. Try to create a niche or a window that allows natural shine in your home office. A dark, dull room hinders your productivity by 70% when compared to well-lit rooms. So, make sure you have enough of it in the place.

Home offices set the tone for your job’s seriousness. They allow you to express yourself and let you play around with its elements. It is through home offices that your work truly shines. And if you are serious about finding yourself the sweet spot between work and play, creating a productive home office is essential. While you are at it, don’t forget to create a checklist for yourself. You can choose to include the elements mentioned earlier in it and tick it off as and when you are done with it.

Create a great space as a productive home office for yourself, this 2020, and pave the way for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling year ahead.

Happy Home Staging to you!

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