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Tips For Camping In Fall Time

Camping in the fall together


Fall time is one of the best seasons of the year to go camping outside. During the fall camping trip, you can enjoy the red, orange, and gold theme of the season, take amazing pictures, and stay out without having to worry about bugs. And while camping in the fall can get a bit cold, it’s much better than how warm (and sometimes hot) it gets in summer!
Before you go camping in the fall time, you must be well prepared to ensure your camping trip is a success. 9 tips to help you prepare for camping in fall camping time

Choose a good campsite

The first fall camping tip to enjoy a great fall camping trip is to choose a good campsite. Find a campsite with biking trails, ponds and lakes, and hiking trails. This way, you can enjoy numerous activities during your trip.

Fall gives you the opportunity to hike, bike, or kayak without getting hot, sweaty, and exhausted as in summer. During this period, you get a chance to spend as much time as you want outdoors; hence you can involve yourself in lots of outdoor activities. Make sure you don’t waste this opportunity by camping fall time in a boring area! 

Pack up warm bedding

The second fall camping tip is to remember that there is a difference between camping in summer and camping in the fall. While blankets may not be necessary for summer camping, they are a must for fall camping. Fall nights are often cold, leaving you with a need to wrap yourself up in blankets or duvets. So make sure you pack up 2 to 3 blankets and warm wool pajamas. 

You can also pack up warm beverages like tea and chocolate so that you can whip up a nice mug of hot cocoa before bed. 

Pack up for unpredictable weather

We all know how unpredictable the fall weather can get. On some days, it could be rainy, and on others, it could be quite warm. To avoid being caught unaware, make sure you pack up both warm and light outfits. You can pack up cardigans, short sleeves, shorts, jeans, and even gloves just to be on the safe side. Also, make sure you pack up a raincoat and boots for wet days. 

Take some firewood

Firewood is essential for camping trips, especially in the cool autumn months. They make great bonfires for evening hang out with friends and for roasting marshmallows. They also keep your campsite warm and well-lit in the evenings. 

Unfortunately in the fall, finding firewood at a campsite may be a bit difficult. This is because most campsites only have lots of visitors in the summer so they stop selling firewood once summer ends. To avoid any disappointment, make sure you prepare by buying firewood before heading to the campsite –unless you don’t mind chopping down your own firewood.

Don’t forget your flashlight

Flashlights are fall-time camping must-haves. Don’t ignore them simply because you have lots of firewood stacked up. You can’t take your bonfire along with you into the woods at night, and neither can you make it within your tent! Flashlights, however, can serve these purposes. They also have a long life span and can serve you during your entire fall camping trip. So for your fall camping trip, make sure you pack up flashlights, headlamps, solar lamps, and lanterns.

Last but not least, fall camping tips come with shorter days and longer nights, so having flashlights can prepare you for the dark!

Pack up some sunscreen and bug spray

Remember, we said the fall weather is often unpredictable. While it might be rainy and cool on some days, it could be hot on other days. So prepare for this occurrence by packing up sunscreen. 

Also, pack up bug spray to get rid of bugs. If you’re lucky, you might find yourself a camping site with little or no bugs, as bugs are less active in the fall. But to be on the safe side, make sure you have a spray to avoid sleepless nights and bug bites!

Take your pets along

If you have a pet, a dog especially, fall is a great time to take it camping. Understandably, in summer, pets are left at home because of the heat. In the fall through, your pets would definitely love some hours out in the woods. You can take your dog on hikes, short biking trips, and picnics. They also make great cuddle buddies for cool fall nights!

Take a camera along

While cameras are not compulsory for a successful camping trip, they are great additions. Cameras capture and save all the amazing moments of your trip.

Fall is a beautiful season to camp outdoors. The tree colors are lovely, the sky is often clear, and the absence of too many campers can give it a serene vibe. When camping outside in the fall, you can be certain that any pictures you take will be of great quality!

Watch out for wildlife 

While most campsites are made to be as safe as possible, there is still a chance of wildlife roaming around. These can be bees, raccoons, and even bears. So before you go to sleep at night, make sure your doors are locked. Also, stick to the hiking and biking trails to avoid paying an unexpected visit to a bear’s house. 

Once the garbage is filled, take it out to avoid rats, raccoons, or bugs. 


Lastly, if you see a wild animal and decide to take a picture of it, stay at a safe distance and zoom in. Do not go close to it!

Fall camping trips are an experience everyone should have. It is peaceful, serene, and adventurous. It is also quite addictive once you realize the cool weather makes outdoor activities more fun. To ensure you have a fall camping trip to remember, use these 9 FALL CAMPING tips above!

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