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Prepare Your Patio For Winter Season

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Living in a state where snow falls and it gets so cold during winter makes it a necessity to prepare a patio for the winter season. This preparation will go a long way in protecting your patio most especially when you have worked so hard to make it look good.

Neglect to your outdoor space and items in it during the winter season not only makes it prone to damage, but the damage also results in a loss of investment which is why it is of great importance to achieve an excellent winter season patio.

There are several ways to prepare for a winter season patio, below is a list of some.

Keep the plants away

During the winter season, patio plants should be safely kept away from the cold and provide an indoor space for this is the best way to make it happen. Before bringing the plants in however, it is essential to check thoroughly for insects of any kind and diseases.

This is to avoid bringing into your home an insect-infested plant or one that can make you and your family and also other plants prone to diseases. A great way to go about this for winter season patio preparation is to check if the plants can be pruned.

Patio Furniture

Store your patio furniture

Prepare patio for the winter season by keeping your patio furniture safe, remove every leaf from the furniture to avoid leaving stains on the surface no matter what it is made of. If your patio furniture is movable, then it is best to move it to a covered place.

On the other hand, if your patio furniture is immovable, then covering it up with a piece of material will be a great idea. Before the furniture is being kept away, stains should be removed and the furniture should be given a quick wash which can be done using a hose.

After washing, it should be dried in the sun. For furniture and items that cannot be washed, they should be wiped with a piece of cloth to get rid of dust after which they can either be kept away or covered.

Take care of the trees

Prepare patio for winter season means the trees will also require some special attention before winter arrives. Ensure that the leaves of the trees are not touching the roof or any wire at that as this can cause serious damage if left unchecked.

Tree branches get heavy when they get to hold a lot of snow and as much as possible, you want to ensure it doesn’t fall on your roof or an electric wire. Sweeping off leaves that have fallen from the trees before they get covered in snow will also help to keep your patio tidy during the winter season.

Keep outdoor items away

Outdoor items should be taken into consideration when you want to prepare patio for winter season especially those that are prone to rust. Using a metal brush with rust solution can help to remove those spots on the furniture and tools created by rust. Adding some paint might also help in transforming the look.

For the larger items, care should be taken not to leave them outside, they can be moved to areas with regulated temperature. Either a basement, garage, or shed will do to keep them safe during the winter season. Before storing, however, each of these items should be cleaned properly and for items that cannot be moved in, a cover should be placed over it.

Propane Patio Heater

Get a propane patio heater

Make no mistake about it, winter outdoor season patio can still be fun and enjoyable. Winter doesn’t stop you from having a great time in your patio whenever you choose, all you have to do is simply install a patio heater to see you through the season.

A propane patio heater will help to ward off cold and warm up an area of your patio thereby making it a great spot for some relaxation. This space can be shared with family and friends as well during the winter season.

You can make it more fun by throwing a party or get-together during the winter season as a propane heater will see to it that you guys are as warm as possible.

Clean up your barbeque grill

What better way to prepare patio for winter season than to ensure everywhere is as tidy as it can get? It is quite easy to leave out the barbeque grill when preparing for a winter season patio; however, it should be thoroughly cleaned before the winter season to prevent it from looking terrible when the season is over

If the barbeque grill uses charcoal, it is necessary to get rid of the old coals and ashes. If it is a gas grill, then the gas lines should be unscrewed and turned off safely. Once this is done, the barbeque grill should then be stored in a dry and cool place.

Prepare your patio for winter

Tidy up

As much as possible, you want to ensure your patio gets a fresh start once the winter season is over. A great way to achieve a sparkling winter season patio is by keeping it clean; this can be done by sweeping the patio and getting rid of every dirt, the cement surface of the patio should also be cleaned with a cleaning solution suitable for patios.

This leaves your patio looking tidy, nice, and ready to be used once the winter season is over.

Several changes will take place in your patio during winter which is why it is of great importance to prepare patio for the winter season. It is best to be aware of these changes and prepare for them ahead of time as a great patio for winter season requires such beforehand preparation.

Doing this helps you to avoid and fix any problem that might arise during the winter and cause great damage to your patio. This is why the above tips should be followed to properly prepare a patio for the winter season.


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