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Should I Update My Kitchen Before Selling?

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update my kitchen before selling

Selling your home can be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Apart from making a windfall, you have the chance to leave an indelible impression on people (buyers). The problem is that while most home sellers consider renovating some parts like the living room, bathroom, and toilet, they are always guilty of ignoring the kitchen. This doesn’t seem right because by updating the kitchen you have an excellent chance to sell your house fast. 

Kitchen Off White Cabinets 

Still don’t believe it? Here are the stats

A recent survey carried out amongst homebuyers revealed that the kitchen is an essential space in homes. About 80% of home buyers claim that it is one of their favorite rooms compared to others. The primary reason why most people have been discovered to struggle to sell their homes fast to potential buyers is a failure to update the kitchens. 


Do you doubt why this is very important? Have you been asking a question like, “why should I update my kitchen before selling?” Do you know that this has lots of benefits both for you and the buyer? There is one thing that most home sellers don’t know. This is because they have got very little time to make a good impression on potential buyers. Anything short of this, expect such them to walk away and start searching for other better options. 


Here is the solution 

You have come to this right place to discover why kitchen renovation/update is very crucial. This post will be aiming to reveal some of the reasons why the kitchen update is significant when it comes to selling a home. After reading the details below, you will no longer comment like, “is it essential to update my kitchen before selling?”

Update my kitchen

Increasing home worth

When it comes to selling a home, expectations are usually high. In other words, you are always expecting to make huge profits. However, note that achieving such a feat is almost impossible without kitchen remodeling. It doesn’t matter whether you have hired the best real estate agent, as things will not go your way. Also, it is possible you know how much such a home is currently worth in the market. However, potential buyers may not be willing to pay for a house with already falling kitchen cabinets. 


In case you haven’t heard, the heart of every home is the kitchen. There is no how prospective buyers will inspect other areas of such a house without looking at the kitchen. They may even ask some sensitive questions about the cabinets, countertops, and appliances. This is done to make a comparison with the price you must have quoted for them. The last thing you want to do is give buyers the impression that your kitchen is still embracing concepts from the 80s or 90s. It will lead to one thing, which is driving down its value significantly. 


Put, upgrading a kitchen is significant once you want your house to be sold at the exact market price. This is one thing that most real estate agents won’t tell you at first. They make false claims about helping to ensure such a house is sold at the current market price. The truth is that such can’t be possible without your kitchen is up to date. Ignoring this aspect will have some profound implications, especially concerning how the price will be affected. 

It is one reason why a comment like “do I need to update my kitchen before selling?” is unnecessary. The only thing you have to be careful about is handling such remodeling most cost-effectively. 


Update your kitchen and meet buyers needs 

Thinking that buyers will be willing to pay over the odds for a house with an outdated kitchen is a waste of time. It is one of the reasons why most homes are not selling as fast as they ought to. The sellers have refused to update their kitchens to meet the varying needs of potential buyers. It is essential to give them a good reason to buy your house. For instance, you can decide to install the most modern cabinets, smart appliances, and more. 


The use of kitchens has gone beyond what they are traditionally known for over the years. These days, people discuss and read in the kitchen. Imagine creating that kind of environment for potential buyers. It means they will not even think twice before agreeing to buy from you. If you have been asking a question like “why should I update my kitchen to sell a house?” considering buyers’ needs should never be taken for granted. 


Buyers love the idea of smart devices and appliances in the kitchen. Apart from the fact that they can help transform such space, they are cost-effective. Also, they are a complete definition of real comfort. Once they notice that all of these are present in the kitchen, you have succeeded in winning their trust. In such a case, there won’t be too many negotiations as they are already impressed. 


Apart from installing smart devices, you can have the place repainted. It is all about giving it a lively and vibrant look to attract buyers. There is also the idea of including kitchen carts, which are known to be very flexible and versatile in terms of features. Always put yourself in the position of buyers. This will enable you to understand what they want. 

update my kitchen before selling

Creating a focal point

Have you ever wondered why most people are very successful in selling homes at premium prices after their kitchens have been upgraded? The answer is straightforward – They have been able to understand how to create focal points in a kitchen. This isn’t rocket science, as anyone can do it to perfection. The best part is that as simple as it may sound, it has the potentials to help your home sell very fast. 


The focal point means the center of attraction. When you upgrade your kitchen, it automatically becomes a center of interest to potential buyers. In other words, they will start seeing the reasons why the home should be bought. It can be very frustrating when buyers walk into your kitchen and leave within a few seconds. This is a sign that there is no focal point. That is to say; nothing interests them in the kitchen. 


There are many ways to create a focal point inside your kitchen to catch buyers’ attention. It could be installing the most modern cabinets, arranging kitchen items properly, and using attractive paint. In case your kitchen space is large enough, Kitchen Island won’t be a bad idea. When the right focal point is created, potential buyers will pay little or no attention to areas where repairs are needed. This shows that it works like magic to make them feel good about such a home’s worth. 


Other ways of creating a focal point are through contrasting colors that are bold, modern light fixtures, and kitchen faucets. This is all about thinking outside the box and coming up with something that prospective home buyers will find stunning and impressive. In case you have been asking a question such as “why should I update my kitchen before selling a house?” this reason is capable of convincing you today.  


Modern appearance 

Do you know that most buyers prefer considering homes with kitchens that are looking modern? 68% of buyers claimed they prefer a kitchen with the most modern appliances. As a seller, this can increase the value of such a home beyond what it is at the moment. There are various strategies which can enable you to sell your house very fast. However, upgrading your kitchen seems to standout. This is because it gives such space a fresh and elegant look. 


Failing to upgrade a kitchen and still expecting it to command the current market price is like building castles in the air. This is because buyers will never consider such a price option. Therefore, you must make the place look modern. Such a process will help to transform its look into something extraordinary. Of course, you can always tell that the price will increase. A modern kitchen helps to paint the right pictures in the mind of prospective buyers. 


This can help to address problems related to depreciation and deterioration of kitchen facilities. The only way to dispel every thought that your kitchen is a blank canvas is by upgrading its appearance. The goal is always to make every item appear modern. You don’t want a situation whereby buyers will talk about making further improvements. This is because such can be a strategy to drive down the price eventually. 


There are some easy and powerful strategies to give your kitchen a facelift. These are replacing outdated countertops, installing new water faucets, installing new flooring, adding colorful appliances, and more. Getting the answer to a question like “how can I update my kitchen before selling?” shouldn’t be difficult with these strategies to help it appear modern. 

Update Kitchen concept

Updating your kitchen you have a strong chance to attract more buyers 

Do you know that an updated kitchen has the power to attract more buyers than imagined? When you are planning to sell a house, there must be lots of potential buyers around. This can give you some bargaining power. This is because such is proof that they want the place. It is one of the reasons why most home sellers consider the option of updating their kitchens. The more buyers are flocking around such a home, the more money you are likely to make. 


Buyers are always attracted to buildings that have modern kitchen facilities installed. This will, in turn, increase the value of your home far more than imagined. If your family is struggling to attract the right category of buyers, there is every chance that the kitchen is still lagging. In other words, it hasn’t been updated. 


Don’t forget that there are other options for buyers to consider apart from your house. When a kitchen is remodeled, space is not just created. Instead, its functionalities will become more evident. Buyers will begin to visualize all the activities that can be done in it. Transform your kitchen today with some of the latest fixtures and appliances. 


Therefore, there is no need to ask a question like, “why do I need to update my kitchen before selling a house?” A house that fails to attract buyers will stay in the market for too long time. This will eventually negatively affect its market value. 


It’s a win-win 

Most people struggle to sell their houses because they only take the profits to be made into consideration. In other words, they don’t also consider what buyers want. This is only a strategy that will come back to haunt you. Updating your kitchen will indeed cost you more. However, such can enable you to make more than expected. This is because it creates trust between potential buyers and sellers. 


It has been discovered that buyers are naturally skeptical. Once they start finding faults in a kitchen, there is every tendency to make wrong assumptions about other parts of the house. This can affect their decision to buy eventually. Trying to assume “I don’t need to update my kitchen to sell” will always prove disastrous in the end. 


By win-win, we mean seller and buyer will benefit from such transactions. There are instances whereby deals have been concluded between buyers and sellers. However, the former may feel unsatisfied, which isn’t good for your reputation. You want a situation whereby buyers are happy with what they have got. 

Kitchen after 

Final thoughts 

Based on the above facts, it is evident that there are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t ask a question like, “why should I update my kitchen before selling a house?” This is because the benefits that such decision brings can hardly be overemphasized. Just ensure you are doing a moderate update. This will help to reduce the cost down to its barest minimum. 

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