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Simple Ceiling Design Ideas for Living Room

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Living Room Ceiling Design Ideas

Most of us are guilty of investing a lot of effort and resources on the walls of our homes. But when it comes to ceiling – we are perfectly content with the white, flat, and straight ceilings. But what if I tell you that revamping the ceiling can dramatically change the interior of your living room?  Yes, ceiling design ideas may be the last thing on your mind when decorating your home, but it can give your complete room a unique character – unlike any decorative material. 

To help you get the inspiration, let’s take a look at some of our living room ceiling design ideas below. 

Ceiling Tiles Design Ideas

#1 – Add Ceiling Tiles

Surprisingly, the tiles are not only a flooring and wall solution anymore. Ceiling tiles are one of the hottest ceiling design trends that add value to the home for its aesthetic appeal and the benefits it offers. 

 For starters, ceiling tiles are perfectly suitable for soundproofing a home. If you are the type of person who often has guests over or engages in Christmas carol parties, the ceiling tiles are a great option for you as they keep noise away from going outside the specific room. 

Ceiling tiles are an affordable option and help improve the insulation of the room. They are easy to install and ideal for DIY fanatics. Moreover, if you have wires running along with the ceiling, the tiles can be useful in concealing any such flaws. 

#2 – Choose Wallpaper

While you may not want floral print wallpaper stuck to the ceilings of your living room, several ceiling design ideas can spruce up the living room with their chic work of art. 

 For example, wood paneling may not be an affordable option for many homeowners. But don’t fret if your heart is set on a wooden paneling on the ceiling. Just pick out faux wooden wallpaper with an adhesive backing and peel and paste without any professional help. 

Some other popular wallpaper designs that work for ceiling include metallic wallpapers, Moroccan print paper, or patterned prints. 

#3 – Make a Green Space

 Another living room ceiling design ideas that we adore is adding hanging planters from the ceilings. You can either choose to cover the entire ceiling or make a pattern with hanging baskets or boxes/crates. You can be flexible with the material and choose from wired planters and wooden boxes to simply depend on vines from the above.

Ceiling Wood Panel Design Ideas

#4 – Wooden Panels

Wood is a traditional building material and works wonders in any setting. Yes, it can be a little expensive than other material, but if you are looking to add extra value to your home – wood is definitely your best friend. 

 You also don’t have to align the woods conservatively on the ceilings. Instead, experiment with the wood panels to make the outcome more personal and exclusive. For example, slim panels of wood feel both cozy and formal while painting it in color gives the room a modern and bright appearance. 

Another trick is to arrange the wooden panels horizontally. This will make the room feel more expansive, while vertical panels will elongate the ceiling space. 

#5 – Ditch the White

While white ceilings are a staple addition in homes, who says you can’t break the rules! Try swapping the color of the ceiling with another color. For instance, painting a ceiling with a lighter color can make the room’s walls feel higher and your space larger. 

 On the other hand, a darker color – 2-3 shades darker than the wall color gives a polished and sophisticated look. It also makes the room seem cozy. However, skip the hues in medium tone as they don’t work too well on ceilings. Instead, choose dark or light colors depending on the outcome you expect. 

You can also choose to paint the wall and ceilings with the same color. Yes, it may sound daunting, but the trick makes small rooms appear more prominent and more modern. Simultaneously, furniture and décor items can benefit from the enhanced focus if walls and ceilings unify in color.  

Ceiling Brick Design ideas

#6 – Brick and Stones

Natural and earthy elements can instantly add warmth to the rather modern living room. They also complement areas that have arches and curved spaces. 

 While applying ceiling design ideas with bricks or stones, make sure to select the color that coordinates with the furnishing in your room. Choose wooden décor items along with brick or stone ceilings to enhance the warmness of the room. You can also make patterns with the material to create an interesting look. 

#7 – Go for Fabrics

Just like tiles, rugs and rags are not exclusively for the floor anymore. You may have seen the ceiling of wedding venues and marquees draped in satin. Well, the same look can be achieved for home setting too. 

 However, the idea may not work if you have low ceilings and tall inhabitants. But for those with the elevated ceiling – adding fabric is one of the best living room ceiling design ideas to try. 

Be creative when using fabrics. Add felted wooden balls and torn ribbons suspended from the air for a unique appearance. A rich-colored fabric will bring depth to the room while adding draped tulle can soften the living room’s overall environment. 

living room

#8 – Metals

Yes, you may be surprised to see metal on the list, but the outdoors and exterior construction material can create the ‘woo-hoo’ effect if used tactically. 

Have metal cut into interesting shapes and patterns for a distinctive feel. You can also choose patterned tin tiles or polished metals to perk up the living area with a glamorous décor element.

 Another idea is to go with metal panels. They are available in every color imaginable and are affordable as well. The best thing about them is that you can easily install them yourself without taking help from technicians. 

sitting area

#9 – Glass Ceilings

Glass ceilings have always been associated with ancient architecture. However, they are a trending design element that adds many benefits to the home and homeowners. 

 Firstly, we all want natural light. They are essential for our physical and psychological wellbeing. Having glass windows installed on the ceilings add extra light to the room and enhance energy efficiency. They also add a luxury aesthetic to the property, boosting the value of the home significantly. 

Above all, a glass ceiling gives you plenty of flexibility to play around. For example, you can install glass pieces to serve as colorful art pieces on the ceiling. Pairing glass windows with elevated wooden panels underscore the warm nature of each material, making the room inviting and stylish. 

#10 – Stripes

Another way to make the ceiling interesting and exciting is to add stripes of bold colors with white. Although you can go with any style when it comes to lines, we recommend going for ones that run parallel with the floor for smaller rooms. 

 Stripes adjoining in the center or conjoining at an angle also give the room uniqueness. However, don’t go for too many patterns or colors when adding strips on ceilings. Instead, stick with similar grades and colors that contrast with each other for a unified look – synonymous with the best living room ceiling design ideas.


#11 – Don’t Neglect Lights

Regardless of the ceiling design idea that you choose for your living room, don’t forget to make proper lighting arrangements. The right selection of lights will add a beautiful glow to your room. 

 For instance, chandeliers look great in a formal setting, mostly if made from glass and crystals. You can also choose chandeliers with touches of gold or silver for a glamorous look. 

If you want to go for a less fancy option, pendant lights serve as the cheaper version to chandeliers. They hang low from the ceiling and cast a glow on the focused pieces in the room. They are available in different sizes, designs, shapes, and colors, enabling you to select based on the room’s décor. 

Another option for a light source is the recessed or a downlight. These are fixed in the hollow openings of the ceiling and offer soft lighting in the room. To enhance the energy efficiency, choose LED lights that match the décor you chose for your ceiling. 

Ready to Décor

The best part about the above ceiling design ideas is that it completely changes your room’s look. You also don’t have to remodel the complete house to achieve the desired look. You can still elaborate on the style with DIY stick-on tiles, wallpapers, and panels that are readily available for an affordable price. 

Ceilings play an essential part in the décor of your home. While you shouldn’t go overboard with the elements, some of the above living room ceiling design ideas are worth consideration. So check them out and let us know the design that inspired you to take the next step in the comments below.

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