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The Best Paint Color For Your Ceiling

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Best paint color for your ceiling, Best Home & Living Room Interior Decoration

Are you about to paint your room?

 Have you decided what color would make the best ceiling paint?

 Are you looking for the best paint for your ceilings?

 If the answer to all the above questions was yes, then you must read this post! If the answer was no to the last two questions, then you need to read this post!


 The paint used on the ceiling of the room is different from the paint used to color the walls. The ceiling paint is thicker and more viscous to cover all the ceiling’s imperfections and avoid drippiness. It sticks well and also covers better than the wall paint, which is thinner and needs more than one coat to get the desired finish.

       When painting a room, we are overly excited about what color paint would go on each of the four walls. The fifth wall of the room, commonly known as the ceiling, does not receive the same amount of attention as the other parts of the room. Most people are unaware that the ceiling is one of the most important factors in the equation of how your room will turn out. It requires the same amount of attention, if not more, as the other four walls. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the ceiling paint. Read on to find out what would be the best paint for ceilings in your house.

The Most Important Question — What color will make the Best Ceiling Paint?

The color of the ceiling could make or break a room. Your Pinterest must be filled with all the room inspirations, showcasing some amazing and unique ceilings with non-white colors that are either the same as room walls or in a different color. However, before you decide to mimic those room inspirations, you need to ensure if they will actually work for your room!

Different colors change the appearance of the room. Here are a few different ways to help you decide the paint for your ceiling:

Paint the ceiling in the same color as the walls

Want to make your room feel cozy? Go with the same color on the ceiling as the wall. Most rooms with lower ceilings, like closets, bathrooms, and stairways, are usually painted to match the wall.

 The only downside that one can expect with this choice is that it might make the room feel smaller than it actually is. 

 However, if you have very high ceilings, this option could go very well for you. Painting the high ceiling in the same color as the wall will bring the vaulted or tall ceiling down a bit to make the room more cohesive and cozier.  

Should I paint my ceilings White?

 Nothing can go wrong with such a classic ceiling color as white. Considered to be the best ceiling paint for decades, white-colored ceilings are your safest option out there. It can cover all the stains from smoke, sunlight, and cooking oil and brighten up the previously dull room. It is the ideal solution for many when it comes to selecting the best paint for your ceilings. The white ceilings will work correctly for you in the following situations:

  • Bright colored décor: If you have many colored furniture, upholstery, and décor in your room, go for any hue of white as your ceiling paint. Any other color on the ceiling may not blend well with the rest of the room’s colors.
  • Primary Living Area: Your kitchen or Tv lounge is your primary living area. These are the rooms that are used the most. So, it is better to go with a simpler and safer option in these areas. While colored ceilings may give the room a bit of a character, however, one should not be taking a risk with the house’s main room as you will be spending most of the time in it.  
  • No natural Light: if the room does not have many windows and lacks natural lighting exposure, your best option is to go with white ceiling paint. The white color will reflect the light toward the darker corners of the room.  
  • Textured or Imperfect Ceilings: If the ceiling of a room has imperfections visible to the naked eye, a flat white colored ceiling will mask it, and the bumps and lumps on the ceiling will be concealed. On the contrary, A colored ceiling will enhance any imperfections in the ceiling.


Should the ceiling paint be in a contrasting color from the walls?

Contrasting color on the ceiling can make a statement for the house. It can help with the lighting situation of the room by bouncing around the light throughout the room. However, it would help if you were incredibly careful in choosing the color, as the wrong contrasting color can make your room look disjointed and incoherent.

Could you paint your ceiling in a darker color than your walls?

One of the most trending room looks is painting the ceiling in a darker color than that of the walls. It gives a modern chic overall look to the room. These bold and distinctive colors not only make the room cozier, but they are more welcoming to the guests. 

 However, darker ceilings can make the room feel even murkier and claustrophobic in a room with little to no light or low ceilings.

Best paint color for your ceiling

Painting your Ceiling Lighter than the Room Walls:

An alternative to flat white colored ceiling is to paint the ceiling in the lightest or lighter shades of the color on the walls. It is the most common wall-ceiling combination. 

This will make your room open up more and feel larger than it is and make it more lighted than before. A ceiling in a lighter shade of the room walls color will make the decor and the furniture stand out.

  Pro Tip:

If the room walls are white, painting the ceiling in a lighter and softer color would give the room a breezy feel. You could go with a light peachy ceiling or a calm gray tone as the ceiling paint. Painting the ceiling in a sky-blue color would give the effect of bringing the outside into the room! 


Choosing the Best Ceiling Paint, depending on the room’s dimension: 

The dimension of the room plays an integral part in choosing the best paint for ceilings. Here are a few factors that you should keep in mind while selecting the color for the ceiling:

Size of the room: 

  •  Paint on the ceiling can alter our perception about the size of the room. While highly vaulted ceilings can place a cold and bare feel, painting it in darker shades would visually bring down the ceiling, making the room appear cozier and warmer.

On the contrary, a smaller room with a lower ceiling can be painted in a lighter color or plain white color to give the illusion of a higher ceiling and a large room.


Focal Point of the room: 

Any room’s focal point acts as an anchor for all its décor and furnishing, giving a natural yet beautiful flow to the room. It plays an essential part in the overall look of the room. A room without a focal point can seem awkward as well as disjointed. A focal point can be created by an accent wall or a large piece of furniture. If there is nothing to act as the focal point, the ceiling’s color can fill out space very beautifully. Painting the ceiling in a bold color with a white wall will bring a pop of color to the room! Painting the whole room in the same color would make the room feel fresh and cozy. You can also paint a pattern of your choice to give the room a glamorous look.


Uniformity in the room:

 Those who love uniformity and discipline match the ceiling’s color with that of the walls will do the trick. 

It will give the room a uniform background and provide you with space to play around with furnishing and décor to provide the room with some depth and character. Moreover, the same color walls and ceilings simplify the shape of rooms with asymmetrical or angled ceilings. If you have a dark wooden floor, it will contrast perfectly with light beige walls and ceilings. A room with a lot of natural light will look chic and modern if it has a darker ceiling!

All in all, when selecting the best paint for your ceiling, you need to keep the dimensions, décor, and shape of the room in mind. A well-blended ceiling will give a subtle, cozy look to your room, whereas contrasting ceiling pain can be used to provide the place a sophisticated yet ultra-modern look. The safest option for the best ceiling paint for your room has to be any hue of white. Whatever color you choose for your ceiling, make sure it resonates with you as you will be living with it for years to come!

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