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Great Ideas for Designing Basement Bar

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Basement Bars

What does your basement look like? Contrary to popular opinion, basements don’t have to be that dark, unused part of your home where you dump all your junk. Instead of letting all that space go to waste, why not convert your basement into a bar where you can lounge and relax?

After a long, stressful day, there’s nothing as relieving as a cool place to relax and put your feet up. This is why you need a basement bar. A basement bar is more than just a man cave or a place where you can hide from chores. Think of it as a haven where you can ease off the stress of the outside world.


One thought that may be running through your mind is…

“Why do I need a basement bar when I can just relax in my room?”. It’s simple. Having a basement bar helps you to experience a whole different world in your own home. You get to relax in a completely different atmosphere, away from the hassle of the outside world. If you’re an introvert, you’d get to enjoy your own company and have a few drinks with yourself.

What’s more, you can also hang out with your friends without having to go to an actual bar and struggling to hear yourselves over the sound of loud music. Plus, you’d have fun designing your basement bar. The possibilities are limitless. There’s no end to the fun ideas you can apply when designing your basement bar.

Thinking of shaking things up a bit by creating and designing a basement bar? Here are some great basement bar ideas that will make your bar the talk among your friends:

An all-white theme

You’ve heard of all-white parties. You’ve probably even attended a few. But have you tried out an all-white theme in your home before? If you haven’t, then you should probably consider using an all-white theme for your basement bar. If you’re trying to achieve a serene yet luxurious environment, then this theme is for you. This theme involves a white ceiling, white cabinets, design, white walls or wallpaper and white furniture in general. One great benefit of the all-white theme is that it gives off a serene, relaxing and luxurious atmosphere without costing much. You would not have to break the bank just to design your basement bar. However, if you are messy or you plan to get drunk in your basement bar, this theme may not be the right one for you.

Nightclub theme

Do you love clubbing but hate the queues that come with it? You can create your mini nightclub right in your own home! All you need to do is design your basement bar with a night club theme. This theme has everything you need to get you in a partying mood. From a sleek, neat, design to high stools at the bar and the perfect lighting. You don’t have to worry about cutting lines or dealing with sweaty, bodies on the dance floor. One great benefit of this theme is that it doesn’t require excess space or furniture. Throw in a few bar stools, a lounge chair or two coupled with perfect lighting. Voila! You have your night club theme.

A dash of color

For lovers of bright colors, this design idea is the perfect one! We all know how just a dash or pop of color can brighten up a whole room. Now imagine how awesome this will look in a basement bar. Most basement bars are designed with neutral or dull colors. However, you can take a step away from conventional designs and design your bar in a way that reflects your bubbly personality. This doesn’t mean that you can’t choose neutral colors for your bar. This theme simply involves throwing in a dash of color amidst the neutral design. From an orange bar stool to a yellow chaise/ lounge chair and even a red cabinet. The possibilities are endless.

Rustic features

Generally, most basements are dark and short of natural light, giving off a cave-like atmosphere. You can use this natural atmosphere as a foundation and design your basement bar with a rustic theme. From brick walls to wooden stools and furniture, it does not take much to transform your basement from a boring underground space to a really cool rustic bar. However, if you aren’t a fan of rustic designs and settings, this theme may not be the right one for you.

A cafe-themed bar

Ever heard of a café and a bar all in one spot? You can transform your basement bar into something as exciting as this! If you love hanging out at bars but you also don’t joke with your caffeine, then you’d definitely love this idea. All you need is perfect lighting, bright colors, as well as some really great cabinets. Voila! You have your basement bar and café all in one place. Don’t forget your espresso machine because you’d definitely need it.

A chalkboard wall

Whether you’re going for a conventional design or you’re looking for something different, a chalkboard wall will definitely spice things up. Not only is it great for jotting down recipes or writing funny quotes that you and your friends can laugh about, but it also adds a funky feel to your basement bar.

Glow in the dark decor

Want to make your basement bar literally glow? Then throw in a few items that glow in the dark! From stickers that glow in the dark to chandeliers and even glow in the dark clocks, you can light up your bar and give yourself a new experience. Your friends will love it!

If you’re looking to switch things up and have your friends “ooh” and “aah” in amazement, you should try out these ideas for the basement bar. They are fun, exciting and will definitely transform your bar into something amazing. Whip out your tools and get ready to create a whole new world for yourself!



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