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10 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Small Bathroom with Black Fixtures

Styling a bathroom can be easy – whether it is large or compact. These smart bathroom design ideas will allow you to keep your restroom airy, open, fragrant, and spacious. Be it your powder room, the shower stall, or only the primary area – a small bathroom can cram your mornings. You need not switch to another place or even try to remodel your bathroom in an attempt to accentuate your time in the room. These bright bathrooms remodel /makeover and design ideas will surely help you. 

Natural Light

Natural light works as an essential tool to add more light, space, and room to your area. And you can opt to have window panes or ventilators in your place, and if that’s not enough, you can install skylights. If homes or buildings surround your room or if you cannot opt for windows, you can choose to install LED lights

Bathroom Storage Bins

Storage Bins

Woven baskets, hyacinth bins, storage containers, or wired buckets – any of these can be a great storage companion in your bathroom. You can invest in a similar range of storage components to add to the aesthetic of your home. They are affordable and considered an excellent storage investment option for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and pantry area.

Floating Basin Sink

For crammed up bathroom spaces, a full-size basin can constrain your floor space. You can pair your floating basin sink with gold accents that complement well with a vitrified basin sink. Most bathrooms come with basins attached with a storing fixture, but they can create a hindrance for your floor space. This is where a floating basin sink comes handy.

Small Bathroom Wall Mount Shelves

Wall-Mount Shelves

Smaller spaces usually suffer from storage issues. Therefore, to get rid of this issue, you can opt for wall-mounted shelves or wall-hung units for storing your bathroom supplies and other toiletries. Above all, wire baskets, bookshelves, or any wall-mount shelves can be used to store your laundry and bathroom supplies in your shower area.


It is always easy to have everything within your eye’s reach. To do so, you can use bathroom labels in your bathroom space. Segregate your supplies categorically, keeping your body scrubs, face scrubs, toilet cleaners so on, and so forth in their designated bins. You can section your supplies as per their usage. Frequently used supplies can be kept within arm’s reach. For instance, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, scrub, body wash, so on, and so forth.

Storage Fixtures

Your fixtures can come with storage. This offers you extra space for storing your supplies. Ensure every piece in your bathroom serves a purpose and that they are not idling around. If so, you can always replace them with something useful and handy. As mentioned earlier, your basins can come with the attached storage fixture, and if you have enough space, you can keep the installation intact.

Small White Bathroom

Switch to Whites

 Whites are a perennial favorite for all styling experts. It merely adds more space to your room and makes it look airy and spacious. Above all, whites pull your attention away from dark, cramped space. It reflects light and looks brighter and prettier. Whites also allow you to play around with your bathroom decor effectively. It offers you ample opportunity to explore bathroom design ideas for your shower space.

Shower Curtains

Designating sections in your bathroom adds to its space. For instance, adding a tension rod with a shower curtain can create an excellent bathroom aesthetic. For the same, you may need a shower curtain, curtain rods or tension rods (as per the size), or a canopy-based shower curtain.

Niches in Wall

Wall niches act effectively for small bathroom spaces. One of the most popular bathroom design ideas, these niches can help you store your frequently used bathroom supplies. In addition to this, a great bathroom remodeling design without wall niches merely is incomplete. For smaller spaces, it works as a great storage unit, and you don’t need to invest in a storage container, time and again.

Oval Sink

Oval Sink

Circular sinks may sometime take a lot of space and can be a floating obstruction whenever you visit the restroom. You can resort to oval sinks to limit the space obstruction. You can also try L-shaped sinks or rectangular sinks for the same.

Command Hooks

Towel bars, towel stools, or even command hooks can best work for smaller bathroom spaces. You can attach and install hinged command hooks or any wall hooks for placing your towels. These are effective for any bathroom space, whether they are spacious or simply cramped.

Busy Floors = Simple Walls

If you have patterned or busy texture tiles, you can opt for simple solid color walls. Our all-whites tip comes handy here. Firstly – for mosaic tiles, you can try out white walls. Secondly – for colored tiles, you can try out plain painted walls of the same tile color. That way, you can aesthetically stage your bathroom and style it in a minimalist manner, as well.

Small Bathroom Big Mirror

Large Mirrors

Spaces look larger with mirrors around as they tend to create an illusion of an ample area around you. A full-sized mirror can effectively turn a smaller space into a more significant through its reflection. A large mirror over your fixture, the bathtub, or on an empty wall can significantly transform your bathroom space.

Consistent Run Tiles

Make sure your tiles are continuing to the end of the bathroom. Pattern change can interrupt the space illusion making it look smaller than it is. Hence, a continue run-around floor tile creates a dream for a much larger space. Also, choose patterns that accentuate the length of your room. Don’t go for busy floors; try chevron, stripes, or simple marble tiles for your bathroom flooring.

With that being said, make the most of the bathroom, as mentioned above, remodel design ideas for your next bathroom transformation project. You never know which of these bathroom design ideas may turn into your perennial favorite. Therefore, create a simple checklist, keeping in mind the criteria mentioned above, and you are good to go. 

You don’t need any fancy pieces of equipment, a hefty investment, or even expensive tiling for your bathroom space. None of these matters, if you are creative enough, you’d be sorted for a decade or more. Nevertheless, you can always choose temporary transformations if you are up for challenging yourself time and again.


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