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Practical Entryway Flooring Ideas To Consider

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Entryway Floor Ideas

Flooring is not something homeowners give a lot of thought until the last moment when a designer is asking what to do for the floor, and that’s when they start to research entryway floor ideas. This is a big mistake considering that the level is one of the first things people will notice when they walk into your home, so the entryway needs to make a big impression.

There are many other things you may need to take into consideration when choosing entryway flooring. This article will help you decide on what kind of flooring to have for the entryway and possibly the rest of the floor.



Entryways probably get the most traffic in the house, and it is a good idea to consider this as you choose material for this area. Some homes get more traffic than others; for example, if you entertain guests often, then this place will have a lot of people coming in and out, and you will need a material that can withstand the constant battering it will undergo. There are a lot of excellent entryway flooring ideas for busy homes, with some able to handle dirt more than others, while others can take the constant shuffling over them.

Entryway Flooring Ideas


This might be something you rarely get advised to consider, but with the common entryway flooring trends, you will find that color to matters a lot. The color of your floor can lighten up the area or can make it dark. It can also be used to set the mood for guests; for example, black and white tiles may make the guests feel more alert while grey tiles might feel like they are walking into an office. Brown flooring may create a more relaxed and warmer atmosphere. When considering color, you will also need to find colors that complement or match the walls and whatever furniture may be around the entryway.



Flooring is not something you want to have changed all the time. It would help if you had a floor that will look good for years and manage the traffic that it will have to handle. Your floor can influence the value of the house. If you expect the cost to appreciate, you can ensure that by having a floor that will not make the house look too old. Flooring in itself is not cheap, so you want something worth the investment.

Entryway Flooring Ideas


Let’s face it, and there is a price that may be too high or just not worth it. When choosing a floor for the entryway, you should have a budget and then see what fits into it. For example, a floor lined with gold and silver may be too pricey unless it is an ancient temple of the Gods or a fancy building in Arabia.

Those are the main considerations to make, and now let us see the best ideas for entryway flooring:



Durability is the first thing you can be assured of if you choose slate flooring. It is a natural stone that will last decades with the right care. You also have the opportunity to choose different colors that suit your style. Slate will also add a sense of class to your home. It is not the cheapest material, but it is affordable and is a good investment that will see the value of your house appreciate. For an entryway with a lot of traffic, this is a good choice.

Wood Tiled Entryway

Beach Pebbles 

Smooth beach pebbles for the foyer are stylish and yet quaint in a good way. They are also practical for an area that may have a bit of snow or water brought in when guests shake off their coats and sandals. The pebbles create a good grip so no one will be sliding and falling. They can be in different colors for an aesthetic look. They are also a durable choice despite being pricey.


Cement Tiles

There is a lot that can be done with cement. Cement tiles can be designed in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are also durable and not as pricey as slate or beach pebbles. With cement, your imagination is what can limit the beauty since you can have the cement tiles custom-designed to suit your dream entryway or to match anything in the house.



Wood is beautiful and warm. If you are going to have guests take off their shoes at the entryway, a wooden floor will not be as cold as slate or slightly uncomfortable as pebbles. It will also provide a rustic look. The durability of hardwood is largely dependent on the care that you provide it. Seal it well and polish it periodically, and it should last some years. You, however, should know that at some point, you will need to replace it.


Polished Concrete

Would you like to have the floor with the character? Polished concrete would do the trick. First of all, it is low maintenance and cheaper to install, and yet it is durable. Second, a character is added every time it cracks. Cracks on this type of floor do not need to be filled up, leave them and tell your guests the story behind the break.

There are several other ideas for the entryway that you can play with. Designers come up with exciting ideas like concrete paver blocks or recycled rubber and plastic as well as artificial and real grass. It may take a lot of consideration to go with some of the entryway flooring ideas, but the ones listed above may be the best choice you can go for and be sure you will be happy with them.


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