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Ideas For Decorating the Entryway Floor

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Entryway Decorating Ideas

Just like a door sets the first impression for homes, an entryway floor is equally quintessential is fabricating the perfect for decorating interior floor idea. To begin with, entryways, foyers place a higher potential for homes to feel cozy, comfy, and relaxing. A busy floor can take away the attention that your entryway needs. And to make sure that doesn’t happen, it’s time to work your way through it.
A lot of people suffer from down entryway syndrome. Meaning, they are always short of ideas when it comes to remodeling their entryway. And to ease their creative blocks by miles, here’s our compilation of the best cozy ideas for decorating the entryway floor in 2020.

Beach Pebbles

Beach pebbles are the prettiest and most affordable flooring option. And, they work as mild acupressure zones for your feet. All you need to create that perfect beach pebble tiling is a lot of pebbles, some cement, and POP to do the job. Start by randomly, yet neatly, placing the rocks onto your entryway flooring. The POP / Cement mix can help fixate your stones onto the floor. To finish the look, you could as well polish it. Above all, the polish will add a high sheen to your entryway floor.

Fun Decor Tip: Add a side table filled with beach pebbles in a glass container to complement your look.

Mirrored Magic

Head to toe mirrors is best friends to any small space. Why? Because they often create an illusion of a somewhat more substantial area. So, you could place a roof to floor mirror on the accent wall of your narrow entryway to create a dream for a more extensive space. It is magical and amazing all at the same time. Why live in the agony of a sad, lonely narrow space when a mirror pulls away from the drab!

Fun Decor Tip: Add a foyer seating area right below the mirror alongside a shoe rack to accentuate your look.

Floor Paint

If you are on a budget and still need to remodel your floor, then some paint and stencil are all you need. Refresh your floor’s current appearance with a minimalist yet classy stencil. Use it to paint the design onto your floors for a much fresher look.

Fun Decor Tip: Use two different stencils alternatively to create your customized flooring.

Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are the toughest and most durable if taken care of. You can create a concrete base for your story and polish them to add high shine. Concrete floors are commonly used in an industrial setting or homes with industrial themed decor. You could give your decor a spin with these vintage-looking, classic concrete floors. You do not necessarily need to have an industrial-themed decor to compliment it. Concrete floors work well with any home style.

Fun Decor Tip: Place a rot iron side table with a geometric ornament to complete the look.

Hardwood Flooring

I am a die-hard fan of wooden flooring, and hardwood floorings are certainly my personal favorite. Not only do they offer a Nordic vibe, but they are also a typical Scandinavian home dream. For home decor enthusiasts who love minimalist Scandinavian decor, hardwood flooring is simply the best alternative for your decorating entryway floor ideas.

Fun Decor Tip: Whitewash your entryway to brighten up your room and compliment the Scandinavian theme for your home.

French Painted

Hand-painted tiles are to die for and look gorgeous as entryway decor, as well. Though they are usually found in the kitchen and bathrooms, don’t be afraid to explore French painted flooring for your foyer area. Just some handjob and your home can easily be transformed into a European style traditional home.

Fun Decor Tip: Colour coordinates the ornaments and elements as per the design and texture of the French painted floors. For instance, if your flooring has hints of mauve, you could place a gorgeous set of mauve throw pillows over your foyer seating area.

Ideas for decorating  entryway floor

Brick Pavers

The world may have only experience brick pavements on the walls of any home, but not many indulge in challenging themselves with bricked floorings. Hence, these pavers require maintenance and may absorb moisture. To avoid the same, you’d need to protect them with a waterproof sealer. Apply a fresh coat of the sealer every couple of years to prevent wear and tear of your ideas for decorating the entryway floor.

Fun Decor Tip: Go for neutral vintage tones for decor around your foyer to enhance your entryway. You can style the walls with neutral muted frames as well.

Cement Floor Tile

Cement Floor Tiles have their customized designs printed on them. A typical Portland white cement tile is made out of a mix of natural colorants, marble, and limestone. Also, the colorants create a gorgeous pattern on the tile. In addition to this, cement floor tiles offer a cozy, cheerful vibe to your entryway and can be mix-matched with your home’s wall decor.

Fun Decor Tip: Bright yellow solid color on the wall with a complementing grey cement tile can amplify the beauty of your entryway by manifolds.


A fun play with tiles and decorating the entryway floor ideas are the evergreen Mosaic. They are super gorgeous, evergreen, and trendy. No matter what, mosaic tiles hold their unique charm, and a lot of homeowners and home decor enthusiasts love to invest in them. Above all, varied patterns have been part of home decor and outdoor flooring decor for centuries and continue to win hearts, nonetheless. So, make up for your love for the old-classics by reintroducing them in your foyer area.

Fun Decor Tip: Mosaic patterns can be mixed around with colorful patches of designs and elements on your entryway’s accent wall.

Each of these flooring ideas is peculiar, fun, and unique in their way.

While some may like a cemented floor tile, others may prefer hardwood flooring. No matter what your choices are, you can always choose to remodel your entryway should your preferences and thoughts change over time. And don’t forget to implement the cute fun decor tips alongside your flooring to double up the beauty of your entryway.

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