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The House Interior Door Types

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Interior door types

First impressions are everything, and your front door is often the focal point that decides the impression. It is the first thing the guests see when they arrive, and the last thing they touch before leaving. It is the only element in a home that allows you to offer your personal touch and showcase it to the world openly. So, while you are at it, you must build yourself an impression that lasts a lifetime. A few simple touches can make a difference in accentuating that first impression you’d build over time. And here’s how you can go about it. 

We have whittled down a list of some of the best exterior and interior door types for your perusal. Feel free to add to this list and make the most of that first impression TIP!

Two panels wooden door

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are a perennial home decor trend. They are durable, neat in appearance, and offer elegance to any room they serve an entrance to. If you are a fan of wooden furnishings, wood could well work as one of your interior door types. Hundreds and thousands of home decor enthusiasts indulge in wooden doors each month. The demand is so high for wooden doors that you wouldn’t find a home without these.

Paneled Doors

Paneled doors are one of the most commonly supplied door types for homes and residential abodes. The frame is constructed out of wood, whereas its shutter panels are made out of wood, plywood, tough board, and so on. These doors are slightly ornamental than functional in approach as they can be made in a variety of styles

Metal Doors

For several years, metal doors have been a secure alternative to the interior as well as exterior doors. They are a better alternative to wood – safety per se and can last for a lifetime if used cautiously. The shutters on these metal-paneled doors are made with the use of Mild Steel – the mild steel is then bond and rivet to the frame of the metal door.

PVC Doors - Interior door types

PVC Doors

While plastic is undoubtedly not a durable material, n number of people think about investing in this Poly Vinyl chloride made doors. PVC doors are not as durable as the other doors since they are made out of plastic. The same material is used for making water tanks, fittings, so on, and so forth. One of the major perks of owning a PVC door is that they are termite and pest resistant.

Ledged or Battened Doors

Battened doors are basic door types that remain in use for ages. These doors include vertical wooden battens as well as 3 horizontally shared ledgers at the top, middle and bottom areas. These doors are rigid and look appealing. They are typically used for WC, baths, toilets, or homes where the economy is a prime factor. Again, if you are a fan of vintage vibes, a right batten door does the job for a grand exterior entrance.

Bamboo Doors

Eco-friendly, sustainable, and elegant, bamboo doors certainly add the right kind of the first impression that you may need for guests arriving at your new abode. The bamboo laminates are customizable. In fact, you can tailor a bamboo-jute composite for your exterior as well as interior doors. These composite doors are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, cost-effective, water-resistant, termite-resistant, and rust-resistant, as well.

Fiberglass Doors

Bonding glass fibers with resin have been a new trend in the home decor industry. These steps have been rightly used to create products such as bathtubs, windows, and even doors. fiberglass is low-maintenance, steady, and does not warp, twist or bend. These are one of the most solidified products compared to steel and wood. Not only are they durable but also the perfect first-impression friend, you can have to welcome your guests at home.


Glass Doors

Who doesn’t like Glass? One of the most typical interior door types is a glass door. You can use it for a classy view of your patio/ garden or even the balcony/terrace area. Start remodeling your living room with these doors, but be careful as they are high maintenance. If you are worried that you may damage your front door, you can switch to have glass panels over wooden frames for your front door.


Pocket Doors

As fancy as the name sounds, pocket doors are nothing but space-saving doors that move in and out of the walls. These are typically single door and appeal the most as a section divider for home office purposes. In fact, a number of pantry organizers deal with pocket door shelving too. You could choose to have a pocket door inclusive of a spice rack for space-saving, as well.

Roller Doors

If shutters are not something you are typically a fan of, roller doors can be a classy alternative for your garage or warehouse. Above all, they can work as a trendy addition to your living room, exposing the patio in its full glory. You can spice up your interiors with a roller door around your garden or yard area. In this way, you are always near to your greens while also keeping a healthy boundary between your outside and interior space.

Pivot Doors

2 metal rotators on center top and bottom of the door, simple-looking with a touch of surprise – nothing beats our favorite pivot doors. It’s minimalist, classy, and makes the best bet for modern homes across the globe. These doors can have a hidden shelf of books on the other side, a closet, or simply act as any regular door.

In conclusion

While doors are one of the simplest furnishing options at home, they can’t be ignored. All of these doors are elegant in their unique way. These interior door types are peculiar to the tastes of the individuals that use them and are super stylish and on-brand for home decor enthusiasts. So, if you are pinning onto options for your upcoming door remodeling, don’t forget to hit this list to whittle down your options quickly.

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