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Can I Choose Prehung Solid Core Interior Door?

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Prehung Door

If you are shopping for doors, you must have come across ‘prehung’ door styles for the interior of your home. And even though you must not have given it much thought before, it seems like the question is fundamental when it comes to home construction and remodeling. 

Yes, to the surprise of many, there are numerous options to consider when selecting the home’s doors. From basic slabs to a solid core interior door, the choices are endless and enough to baffle a new homeowner. 

However, the prehung solid core interior door style is one of the most popular styles nowadays, thanks to the flexibility and ease. 

In this guide, let’s answer some of the questions you may have in mind about the door style.

Interior Solid Core Door


What is a Prehung Door?

As the name suggests, a prehung door comes ready-to-install. They are sold in a complete unit, with all frames and hardware attached. Only the doorknob and the strike plate are not included with the set. However, pre-drilled holes are available for the doorknobs and the bolt. 


Benefits of a Prehung Door

The ease of installation is the most obvious benefit of choosing a prehung solid core interior door over other styles. The installation process for these doors is very simple, and you can manually have it attached without calling an external help. 

Another advantage of prehung doors is that they are durable. They come weather-tight, which means that you don’t have to worry about stripping them or making them tight-fitting. Thanks to the quality material used in their making, the doors don’t absorb moisture, swell up or exhibit early wear and tear as well. 

Generally, the doors are installed a very few millimeters away from the wall. The extra space gives the door enough room to let oxygen pass through, keeping the wood material intact from rot. Most of these doors have a layer of Polyurethane material that protects them from termites and other pests that can damage or infest wooden products. 

With environment-saving movements at the top of people’s minds these days, several door manufacturers use eco-friendly material when constructing these styles of doors.  

Above all, a prehung door gives you plenty of customization options. They come in various designs and colors, so you can conveniently find the style that fits in the interior of your home. 

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When to Use a Prehung Door?

There are several scenarios when having a prehung solid core interior door is your best option for an entry/exit way. This includes:

  • If you don’t have an existing exterior door frame
  • If the existing door frame is damaged and you cannot replace it entirely 
  • When you are looking for an easier to fit option
  • If you are looking for doors with a rough opening measurement 
  • If you are remodeling the home and are looking for easy fixes


Why Pre-hung Doors Will Not Be A Good Option?

Even though prehung solid core interior doors are a flexible option due to installation convenience, there are some negative aspects to consider. 

For starters, prehung doors are costly. In fact, they cost more than the combined cost of traditional slab doors and the technicians required.

Another issue homeowners face with prehung doors is that they are cumbersome, with most weighing between 50 and 100 pounds. The added weight can cause difficulty during transportation and installation. You may also need an extra hand to handle the door while installing it due to the bulkiness. 

While prehung door installation seems relatively straightforward, correctly positioning it is an additional issue that you may face – especially if this is the first time you are handling a DIY construction project. 

Although you don’t need to worry about too many measurements with the door, you will still find it daunting to fit the whole unit into the opening. 

Like all door installations, you will be required to use shimming or pieces of wooden material to support the installation of prehung doors. Any misbalance in the floor level and the rough opening can also impact the door opening/closing protocol. 

Solid Interior Door


What to Look For In a Prehung Door?

If you decide to purchase a prehung door, take proper measurements to ensure that the new door fits appropriately and is perfectly level. When removing the existing door, be sure to trim away any drywall or siding that has extended into the existing opening area. 

Be aware of the door swing as well before you head out for door shopping. Door swing refers to how the door opens – either from left to right or from right to left. If you are buying a prehung door for an existing entranceway, double-check to confirm you are selecting the right swing. 

When you do make the choice of installing a prehung door, all installation must be double-checked before moving on to the next step. In the end, the process may sound simple, but even the smallest mistake during the setup of the door can ruin the overall function of the doors.


What Are My Other Options?

Besides prehung doors, you will come across the option of choosing slab doors for your entryway. A slab door is the basic, stripped-down door that does not come with a frame. Most slab doors are not a DIY project and require your home to have an existing frame. You can also choose to construct a separate frame, according to the custom measurements of your entryway. 

Many homeowners choose to go with a slab door when the budget is an issue. Moreover, if you already have an existing doorframe, simply purchasing a door slab and getting it installed seems like an effective choice compared to prehung doors. However, this is only applicable when you are doing a one-for-one installation or in the scenario when the new door is the same size and set up as the old door. 

If there are differences in the door frame’s color and material and the slab, it will make the project difficult. And of course, the result will not be as complimenting as you expect it to be. 

Prehung Interior Door


So, Should I Choose Prehung Solid Core Interior Door?

In the end, the door’s choice comes down to your personal preference and the existing infrastructure of your home. If you are constructing a home from scratch, going with slab doors can be ideal for finding the perfect fit. 

However, if you are making a few changes to the interior or changing the door due to ‘wear and tear,’ going for the prehung variety will give you an easy way out. 

Budget is another factor that you should definitely consider when choosing a door for your home. While actual wooden doors are expensive for most homeowners’ taste, there are a few materials like the solid core engineered in the prehung solid core interior door that can greatly cost down.

Remember, a door may seem like a mere entryway and a privacy element; having a properly installed door can give your home an improved value. It will also provide you with peace of mind, energy savings, and style you will be proud of for many years. So, choose carefully, and when in doubt, seek help from a reputable construction company in your neighborhood.

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