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10 Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Next Home Project

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10 Bathroom Ideas Next Home Project

One of the best ways to change the interior of your home is to remodel the bathroom. An updated bathroom not only improves the aesthetics but also enhances your comfort, safety, and efficiency of the energy and water you use. Above all, a remodeled bathroom increases the value of your entire home – improving its popularity in the market. However, a renovation does not necessarily mean ripping the whole bathroom apart and building one from scratch. Sometimes a few essential changes or design ideas can do the trick and make the bathroom a relaxing space – like it’s coined to be.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay For Bathroom? Whether you are renovating the entire home or just one room – costs can spiral very quickly. To avoid going over the top, research local building costs, set a budget, and try to stick with it (as much as possible) before setting off with the renovation plan. According to online sources, you can expect to pay approximately $6,500 to a whopping $70,000 on bathroom renovation – depending on the changes you make. The National Kitchen and Bath

Association reports homeowners to spend a mean of $32,000 renovating their bathroom in 2019. Generally, laborers charge around $45 to $65 per hour to hook up new fixtures. Stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles are popular for both – flooring and walls. They cost anywhere between $1 and $20. Chrome is a less expensive option for faucets, while antique and brushed brass can surge your expected budget. Most people refer to installing an alcove bathtub with showers priced at $400 to $2,000. Remember, you will also have to pay extra bucks for installation and extra features. Prices of toilets also vary from $100 to $1000, depending on the size you choose for your new bathroom. Other than that, keep in mind that costs will be added for:

  • The length of the project, Changing the location of the fixtures
  • Rerouting electrical wires,
  • And outdated plumbing. With this being said, let’s carry on with our list of great next bathroom design project ideas for your next home project.

Go Light Next Bathroom 

You can go wild with colors when you go shopping for tiles and other accessories for your bathroom. However, if you lack bathroom space, we suggest lighter colors rather than dark and bold. Light colors – primarily white, never goes out of style. Simultaneously, more golden hues reflect light effectively in small windowless bathrooms, whereas dark-colored paint and wall can make the room look cramped.

Consider Proper Lightning

In a space where many of us go to fix our makeup and hair, lightning is usually kept at the barest minimum. Unfortunately, a poorly lighted room can altogether destroy the overall look of your bathroom.
If possible, incorporate lots of windows in your bathroom. For artificial light fixtures, avoid using single overhead lighting as it can cast shadows on the face. Instead, go for spotlights or scones around the bathroom mirror and bath area. Don’t forget to add a dimmer switch to change the bathroom’s ambiance according to your mood.

Choose High-Quality and Durable Materials We all have a budget

And sometimes, the proposed budget forces us to skimp on either quality or quantity.
When it comes to a bathroom remodel design ideas, we advise against cutting back in quality. Bathrooms get a lot of wear and tear, perhaps more than any other room in the house. Choosing low-quality products to save up a few dollars can end up costing you more in the long run as cheaper products will require frequent replacement. Instead, select bathroom items porous and durable enough to withstand humidity, water exposure, and prolonged use.

Free Standing White Tub

To Bathtub or Not

Traditional bathrooms always had bathtubs, while many people prefer to install shower fixtures along with tubs. However, our lives are very fast-paced, and unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of time for a leisurely bath. Baths also use a good chunk of water, when compared to showers.
If you are the type of person who never steps foot in the tub, ditch it for a luxurious shower, equipped with multiple shower heads and even heated flooring. On the other hand, if you plan to put the house in the market anytime soon, keep at least one tub in the house to please the prospective homeowners.

Panasonic Eco Fan

Don’t Forget Ventilation

When considering your next bathroom project ideas, you just can’t skip the importance of ventilation. Humidity is a common problem in bathrooms. Especially after taking a shower or bath, the air’s extra moisture can cause discomfort and even lead to bacterial growth.
To mitigate this issue, proper ventilation via exhaust fan is essential in bathrooms. Make sure to size the fan before making the purchase correctly. Ideally, fans’ exhaust capacity should be in conjunction with the number of cubic feet per minute they move and their noise level.

Add Greenery

It may seem surprising, but several plants prefer bathrooms’ humid environment. Orchids, ferns, moss, and begonia are just some foliage examples that make great bathroom plants.
Besides the touch of attractiveness, greenery helps clean and purify the air around you. They don’t require much maintenance too, as the steam does a pretty good job of watering the plants for you.

Bathroom Smart Technology

Update to Smart Technology

Just like every other room in the house, bathrooms can also be smarter. Of course, this doesn’t mean you integrate video callings and digital personal assistants into your bathrooms. But a few upgrades like heated flooring, touchless sink, toilet seat warmers, and warm/cool drawers for your vanity can make your newly renovated bathroom smarter – and more comfortable for your use.

Play Around

While going with the basics may seem like a safer option, you can have some fun with colors and materials in your bathroom. One great way to do it is by using a combination of materials such as wood with stone or glass with brass.
Color blocking the walls is another way to make an eye-catching display. How about painting walls of different colors? Or paint one wall and adding wallpaper to the other? Experiment with the design. But do make sure the elements complement each other and maintain the prime aesthetics of the room. Else, putting in too much color can make the room look cluttered or old-fashioned after some days.

Splurge in a Bathroom

Vanity Bathroom vanities are another product that can add a statement to your room. The beauty of vanity is that they not only hold the sink but also give you more storage space for extra toiletries, towels, and cleaning supplies you may need in the bathroom. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Buying one with extra counter space will also give you room to keep your everyday grooming products and decorative items.

Think about Accessibility

While disability may seem like an afterthought, adding a few accessible elements can save you money – and hassle later on. Moreover, bathrooms are one of the most dangerous areas of the house, and taking a few proactive measures to enhance your safety can save you from many potential accidents.
For example, non-slip tiles or flooring are an excellent option to avoid falls from wet flooring. Toilets, sinks, and vanities should also be kept at a comfortable height. Showers without doors or ledges are another excellent option for your remodeling project. They are not only accessible, but are also easy to clean, attractive, and very trendy. Ready, Set,

Remodel! With these top 10 bathroom design ideas for your next home project, we hope you have the inspiration you need. So what are you waiting for? Take up the fun challenge to update your bathroom and get started with the remodel plan! Good luck and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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