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17 Bathroom Renovation Hacks

by MyNextHouseProject
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Bathroom Renovation

How To Choose Bathroom Remodeling ContractorAre you bored with your same-old, dull bathroom? Looking for bathroom renovations to spice your bathroom up but not sure how to do it? This article is for you.

I had been in the same position a while ago. The bathroom in my room is a bit small. And I felt that not much could be done in such a small space.

However, I found wonderful ways to make my bathroom more modish and less tedious.

Bathroom renovations can be challenging.

You have two options. Either you spend a lot of money and get a contractor to revamp your bathroom completely. Or you stick to the old and dull design.

What I have brought for you is a list of bathroom renovation hacks to add a touch of creativity to your bathroom without having to spend big bucks.

So, without further ado, let us get right into it!

1. Using Removable Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a great invention to pop up any room.

From trees to animals to seas and whatnot, you can find wallpapers in every pattern and design. Or you can even craft one of your desire.

Wallpapers are not only beautiful but are convenient to use as well. And they are quite easy on your pocket.

The installation process doesn’t require a lot of expertise. All you need is a beautiful wallpaper, a hamper, and some supporting material to hang the wallpaper on the wall.

I have installed a large striped wallpaper on one of my bathroom walls. It gives me positive vibes every time I step into my little ensemble.

2. Renew the Flooring

I had a dull white tiled floor in my bathroom. And the effort it took to make it look close to clean was enormous.

Hence, I decided to make some changes. And replaced white tiles with a peel and stick tiles.

The peel and stick tiles are a great temporary hack to make your bathroom look significantly better.

Living on rent? No worries!

The peel and stick tiles are as easy to remove as they are to install. All you require is a hairdryer to apply heat when peeling off the tiles.

3. Get a Classy Bath Mat

If the floor under your shower is all stained and dirty, I suggest getting a teak floor mat for the shower.

They can be found in very sophisticated designs and can easily hide the stained floor underneath.

The teak wood used to make the mat is naturally water-resistant. So, it won’t be damaged easily.

bathroom renovation

4. Redesign the Mirror

Another bathroom renovation idea you have in peel and stick décor is mirror frames.

You can get peel and stick mirror frames in exquisite designs to border the mirror you have in your bathroom.

You can even design artworks to stick on top of the peel and stick frame to add to a chic look.

5. Peel and Stick Backsplash

I know! I mention peel and stick products a lot, but that is because they are quite efficient.

Humidity and heat resistant peel and stick backsplash will take away all the dullness from your bathroom.

I used a hexagonal pattern in a tone of white which went well with the silver faucet.

You can choose any color you find suitable.

6. Add Plants

A great way to bring life into your boring bathroom is by actually bringing life into your bathroom.


Plants are a great addition to any part of the house, specifically the bathroom.

I feel that plants are something that can instantly make any room more likable.

Get some contrasting plant pots that go well with the color of your bathroom.

Not only will the bathroom look better, but it will also have a fresher scent.

7. Change the Shower Curtain

Does your shower still have a shower curtain?

A shower curtain is something in your bathroom that is in the middle ground and meets the eye instantly.

A sloppy curtain with yellowish sides and dried water stains on it can instantly kill off your mood.

I advise you to invest in a new shower curtain or two, which are color-coordinated with the rest of the bathroom.

Want a permanent solution?

Invest in a shower door. Though a bit expensive, glass shower doors provide a sense of openness to your bathroom. And they are beneficial in the long run as you don’t have to replace a shower door every other month. 

Bathroom Renovation

8. Refinish the Cabinet Doors

If you have been putting off this bathroom remodel for a long time, you probably have some outdated cabinets.

There is no need to install new cabinets.

A simple paint job can do the trick. If you polish the cabinet handles, it would be the cherry on top.

9. Create a Gallery Wall

Another great addition to your bathroom is a gallery wall.

I can understand that the idea of putting up family pictures in your bathroom seems awkward. But you can still put up wall hangings or get photos of some quotes that are close to you.

Everyone’s first stop of the day is the bathroom. With some motivating vibes early in the morning, your day will start on a positive note.

10. Redo the Lighting

Realistic bathroom interior design with lighting, brown furniture, dark washbasin and tub, glossy floor 3d vector illustration

Does your bathroom still have the stock lighting fixtures?

Well, it is time to give it a makeover.

Trade-in the old light bulbs for new led ones.

Not only would they give your bathroom smoother lighting, but LED lights are also known to cost less on your utility bills.

On top of that, they are environmentally friendly and have a more extended warranty than the traditional light bulb. I suggest you make the replacement right away.

11. A New Bathroom Rug

There is no question about it.

A new rug can completely transform your bathroom. And make it look entirely different even if you haven’t made any other changes.

If you have a pale white bathroom, get a colorful rug. The contrast in colors turns out to be very aesthetic.

Don’t forget to get the rug with a non-slip backing to avoid any accidents in the bathroom.

12. Monogrammed Bathroom Towels

This bathroom renovation idea caught my eye when I had a tour of a celebrity bathroom.

A monogrammed towel with your initials on it seems pretty cool.

If you are sharing the bathroom with your spouse, you could have two sets of monogrammed towels.

I find it very classy, and it adds an organized look to the bathroom.

13. Get Hooks and Bars

If you are still placing your robes, towels, and clothes all on one hook, you need to stop!

Having one hook to hang everything brings out a messy look. But you can easily avoid it.

Install a simple hook for your robe. A ring for the hand towel. And a rod to place the bath towels. It will instantly turn your bathroom into one that is clean and organized.

Shower Seat

14. Add a Seat

It is quite a unique bathroom renovation idea.

I haven’t been able to do this in my bathroom because of the limited capacity.

However, if your bathroom has ample space, throwing in a stool or a small chair could add a bit of elegance to the room.

Nearly all designer bathrooms have some sort of seating arrangement. A stool in front of the mirror would be the perfect addition.

15. Upgrade from Basic Lighting

Bathrooms don’t usually receive the amount of importance they deserve.

You would never see anyone wondering whether they should get a small chandelier for their bathrooms.

I am here to tell you that it is a wonderful idea.

The chandelier does not have to be fancy at all. All you need is a simple hanging light, and it will change the way your bathroom looks.

Bathroom Vanity

16. Throw in Some Colors

A burst color contrasted with a white background is always a guaranteed win.

The process is simple.

Get a spray paint and color your bathroom.

From dustbins to towel racks, you can put on spray paint over almost anything.

The new burst of colors in the bathroom will give it an exciting look.

17. Get a Brass Finish

Faucet replacement is quite a time-consuming process.

Choosing between the designs, getting the plumbing done, and ending up with a good deal on faucets is very difficult.

Hence, I have a simple solution for you.

Get an artificial brass colored finish on your existing faucet.

Brass faucets are in quite the limelight right now. And for an average household, the brass polish is a great hack to get some fancy touches to your bathroom.

With the bathroom renovation hacks that I mentioned above, you have a list of things you can try to rev up your bathroom without having to spend a lot of money.

Most of these hacks are DIY that you can do yourself.

For the small additions that I have suggested, you can find them in thrift shops and garage sales.

All you need to do is, keep your mind open for any creative ideas.

I hope that the tips I have shared help you spice up your bathroom.  

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