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Great Holiday House Decorating Ideas

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The holiday season is just around the corner and with everyone prepping up for the winters, it is to no surprise that families are trying to bring in their refreshing touch to Holiday Special home decoration is. So, if you are one of them and looking for spell-binding house decorating ideas, we are here for you!

Check out our curated Christmas classic holiday house ideas for friends and folks celebrating the season of happy evenings, family time, and everything white.



Be it decorating your foyer, the entryway, or your mantel, a garland simple does wonder to uplift the entire room’s mood. If you are looking for themed ideas, then look for garlands specific to the colors of your theme to set the mood. They simply complement and charm the room and add an extra touch of warmth and cozy to the setting.


Christmas Ornaments

A snowy wreath, pinecones, and berry sprigs are your second-best bet following the garlands. Cover them with faux snow and faux greenery and you are good to go. Bring your room to life by placing these on your center table, by the window, or your kitchen island. Christmas ornaments simply are never too much.


Mini Trees Everywhere

Whether you wish to spruce up your side table, your home office, or simply your family room, add tiny balsam fir trees and mini Christmas trees certainly adds to the joy of holiday house ideas for decoration. Try it this season, you never know, what works for you!

Fireplace Holiday Ideas

Orange and Cinnamon

Home Décor is incomplete without a waft of Christmas eve and by that, I mean a well-scented home. Try your luck with a couple of cinnamon sticks and orange peels – boil them for an hour and let your home turn into a cozy Yuletide haven.


Lights will guide you home

Lights play a pivotal role in bringing out that perfect warm, cozy setting for an evening with friends and family. A house decorating ideas we absolutely love is playing around with fairy lights, Edison bulbs, string lights, and battery-operated lights around your home.



When guests enter, the first thing they are introduced to is your entryway and you must offer them the perfect first impression this Holiday season. Spruce up your entryway with a wall-hung advent calendar, a wall-mounted coat hanger, and a welcome deck filled with candy canes, sweets, and chocolates.


Display Stockings

Whether you have a fireplace or not, you can always play around with stocking displays around your mantel area or simply create a fake roaring fireplace to store all Christmas knick-knacks, gifts, and stockings.



If you have an empty wall and have some wooden spares, you can create a woodsy banner with nails on it. Use a baker’s twine to affix letters onto these nails. Ask your family members to write a letter for each of the members and help them fix it onto the banner. Read it on Christmas eve over steak and wine to add to the Holiday spirit.


If you do not have a wooden banner, you can make do with a Chalkboard. Have a fun game night with Pictionary, Doodling, or anything you’d like. The Chalkboard can also serve as your dinner menu display, a to-do list, things to do, and schedules involved movie and book marathons.


String Banners

Create DIY string banners by cutting a triangular shape over craft papers. Glue it onto the baker’s twine and hang them from one wall to another. You can make as many string banners as you like and hang them around the house.



Whether you have a patio, a backyard, a front yard, veranda, or simply a balcony terrace, you can always spruce it up by placing trinkets and glittery pinecones around. Accentuate the look with tea-light candles, lanterns, and anything to do with lights.



It’s the season of warmth and cozying up your home can be done in many forms. One such is using woolen blanket throws, pillow throws, woolen garments, and woolen table cloths wherever possible. 

RUSTIC TOUCHES, house decorating Ideas

Rustic Touches

If you do not wish to be too bright and vibrant and colorful, you can opt for neutral tones and rustic touches with shades of whites and browns across your home. You’d be surprised how Scandinavian and Nordic the entire rustic setting will make your home look like.



Even out your damaged walls and patches with wallpapers. Since these come in thousands of variants, you are never short of options. Choose your wallpapers wisely and upcycle a specific wall, your dining table, or even the kitchen island for that matter.


Memory Lane

If you have a wall-sided staircase, you can always put to display the many memories that have been captured and etched wonderfully through frames. Use similar colored frames to display these photographs.



Felt is naturally a cozy winter material, you can use it for house decorating ideas as well as wrapping gifts. Replace plastic wraps with a felt cloth to add a personal touch to all your Christmas gifts


Checks and Plaids

Not everyone is a fan of floral décor and we understand that. Here’s where you can play around with varied patterns like checks, plaids, chevron, or more. You can also choose to change your beddings to striped beddings, checkered ones, or even plaids. All of these can be easily availed through online shopping or at a local home furnishings store. 

ZEN CORNERS, house decorating Ideas

Zen Corners

For spaces that need an extra touch of love, Zen corners work wonders. You can personalize as per your choices by making a reading nook, a sitting area, a praying space, or simply a relaxing zone.



If you haven’t already, now is the time to find the perfect excuse to purchase a chandelier for your home. It simply accentuates the place by manifolds and you need not add more elements to spruce up space when a chandelier does the job.


Sticking to the classic

And when all fails, we always have the classic Christmas reds and greens to do the job. Settle around the two and you are in for a marvelous season of giving.

Holidays are the time you spend with your loved ones and adding these little touches will prove the ingredient to the love and care you have for them. Make their stay cozier, warm, and beautiful with the aforementioned house decorating ideas for Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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