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Glass Shower Doors: A Complete Buying Guide

by MyNextHouseProject
Glass Shower Door

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Glass Shower Doors

Whether you are renovating your whole bathroom or looking to add some new details to it, the shower area is bound to get a lot of attention. In recent years, glass shower doors have seen numerous new designs and innovative additions that can help give your bathroom the elegant look you want. 

However, when buying a shower enclosure for your bathroom, you have to consider many things. 

What shower enclosure design are you looking for? What are the dimensions of your shower space? And a lot more. 

To help you out, here is a complete shower door buying guide. 

Why Should You Get a Glass Shower Door?

Glass shower doors have been an absolute hit in the market in recent years. 

The style and elegance they add to your bathroom are unparalleled. And they are now so popular that it is hard to find bathrooms that do not have a glass shower door. 

Apart from being beautiful and efficient, why would someone want to make an effort to install a glass shower door? 

Let us find out.


 A bathroom is typically the first place you go in the morning and the last place you visit before you sleep. It is safe to assume that you spend a lot of time in the bathroom every single day. 

Hence, why not customize it a bit to your liking? Why not design the bathroom in a way that you enjoy spending time there?

A glass shower door is a perfect solution. With the numerous varieties available, you can get yourself a glass shower door according to your preferences.


With the advances in technology, you can get several different qualities of glass for the shower door. 

With a varying thickness, transparencies, and colors, a glass shower door is no longer a binary decision. 

You have the option of choosing between so many different options. By combining shower doors with a choice of tile and elegant shower faucets, you can get yourself a luxury bathroom.


The shower doors are made of thick, double-sided safety glass, making them very durable.

Therefore, not only will you be adding aesthetics to your shower space, but also a touch of safety. 

The material used for shower doors typically survives for a lifetime if maintained carefully.

What are Various Types of Shower Doors to Choose From? 

Now that we have addressed how glass shower doors are a game-changer for your bathroom let us now look at the kinds of glass shower doors that are available in the market.

Shower Doors Based on Frames

Frameless Shower Door

Frameless Shower Doors

Made using a sturdy tempered glass, frameless shower door offers your bathroom a sleek and contemporary look.

As the name tells, these shower enclosures don’t have any metal surrounding the edges of the glass. 

The design does include some metals, which come in the form of handles, hinges, or any clip-on accessory.

The reason why frameless glass shower doors are so famous is that they help showcase the fixture and the hardware inside the shower space. 

There are no visual obstructions on the glass door which give your bathroom a classic, elegant look.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

If you are looking for a modern look in your bathroom but do not have the budget to go for a frameless door, the semi-frameless door is for you. It is efficient and worth your money. 

Semi-frameless doors possess the same qualities as frameless shower doors. But the only difference is they come with metal frames around the door on its base and fixed panel. The door itself doesn’t have any metal structure. 

To get a semi-frameless shower door, look for solid handles and permanently bonded hinges along with the right thickness of the tempered glass.

Framed Shower Doors

 Framed Shower Doors

The fact that framed shower doors have metal edges does not make them less aesthetic. 

However, a framed shower door can be an affordable option for traditional bathrooms. You can even DIY install a framed shower enclosure. 

With a durable aluminum frame, these glass shower doors provide an excellent design along with sturdiness. You can opt for bronze finished frames to get a more contrasting look with the rest of the bathroom.

Shower Doors Based on Operations

 Sliding Shower Doors

An even sleeker touch to an already classy design, sliding shower doors are also known as bypass doors. 

These doors have two panels that hang from an upper track and can be moved back and forth with the help of the track. 

Typically, these shower doors have interchangeable entrances and exits. Thus, you can slide either of the two panels as compared to using one panel to slide open. 

The sliding doors are usually seen installed in larger shower spaces with prominent entrances.

Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged Shower Doors

A hinged or pivot shower door is a perfect blend of traditional design and a modern touch. 

If you are thinking to install a pivot shower door, we would suggest getting the help of a professional. 

The measurements regarding the opening radius and the distance between the two panels need to be accurately measured. Hence, a pro would help you get the job done more efficiently. 

 Folding Shower Doors

Folding doors usually come with a unique folding mechanism. The door contains several panels that fold in and out to functions. 

Folding shower doors may have two, three, or more glass panels where one panel is fixed while others fold upon one another. They are supported with movable hinges. 

Folding shower doors are an excellent option for modern and small bathrooms where they offer a sleek look. 

Glass Tub Enclosures

Want to get rid of your shower curtain? Get the glass tub enclosure installed! 

You can get a sliding door for the tub or even one that works on hinges for a more traditional look. 

Rest assured, the glass door on the tub will instantly bring elegance to your bathroom.

Partial Tub Enclosure

An affordable and modern option, the partial tub enclosure covers part of the tub and has space on the corner for the entrance. 

You can get a curved or a straight shower door for this option. Since the glass used here is minimal, the cost also drops down significantly.

 Shower Doors Based on the Glass Type

Glass Shower Doors

Clear Glass

As the name signifies, the glass is transparent and clear. Clear glass for shower doors is a popular choice for small and luxury bathrooms where you want to maintain a minimalist look. 

Such glass doors allow light to travel through them, making your bathroom more lively. 

Frosted or Textured Glass

If you want a more private sort of glass door, you can get one that is frosted or has some texture on the glass. These are relatively easier to maintain than the clear glass shower doors.

 You have many options to opt for when looking for a textured or frosted finish. These include; sandblasted glass, rain textured glass, hammered glass, tinted glass, patterned glass, obscure glass, and more. 

Things You Need to Consider when Buying a Glass Shower Door


Measurements are vital when installing a glass door. Take the help of a professional to take the exact measurements of the area where a shower door needs to be installed. 

If the dimensions measured are not accurate, you will have difficulty installing the door as you can’t cut the glass once shaped. 

Another thing you need to check is the distance between the shower heads and the glass. The spray from the shower might make the glass shower door dirty every time you bathe.

Glass Thickness

The thickness of your glass may change depending on the kind of shower door you choose.

Typically, a frameless glass door would be thicker because the thick panels of glass do not require surrounding metaled support. 

Glass Door Design

There are several designs that you can choose from. 

If you want a glass that shows off the intricate stonework of the inside of the shower space, go for a clear glass design. If you are looking for a more private shower door, get one that is textured or frosted. 

You may choose from other options described above, depending on your unique needs. 


Tempered Glass or Laminated Glass

Glass shower doors are usually made of tempered glass, which is engineered in a way to break into round pieces without any sharp edges. Therefore, tempered glass can help you steer clear of injury if the door is shattered. 

The laminated glass contains a sheet of plastic that is sandwiched between the glass panels and helps to keep the pieces of glass intact. However, if the pieces fall on the ground, it can be quite unsafe for you.


The surrounding walls of the shower space also determine what kind of glass shower door you can install. 

The weight of the door has to be supported by the walls surrounding it. Hence, you need compact support to hold the glass door in place.


The ventilation of the bathroom is also essential. The glass might acquire moisture on it, which makes the glass challenging to clean.

Glass Coatings 

Most glass shower doors now come with coating for added safety and easy maintenance. 

The best kind of glass coating is one that stops the residue of soap from building up on the glass, making it extra easy for you to clean the glass shower door.

 Lux Clear and Endure Shield are the most recommended options for glass. 

Wrapping It Up

It is safe to say that installing a glass shower door can transform the look of your bathroom.

After a long day at work, a hot shower inside an aesthetic glass shower compartment is going to cleanse you of all your worries. 

That is why we have designed this guide for you to help you get the right shower enclosure for your bathroom. 

After reading this article, you can cross off all the things you need to consider before getting yourself a glass shower door.

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Zachary Tomlinson November 10, 2020 - 9:10 pm

I have a relative who wants to improve the appeal of her mom’s bathroom as a birthday present. Your suggestion of adding a glass door is a great idea since it could give the bathroom a sleek appearance that she’d like! I’ll share this with her so she could contact a glass company for it.

Angela Waterford April 19, 2021 - 7:18 am

I appreciate your article in helping me how to choose the right kind of glass shower door for my window. It was really helpful when you said shower doors made form glass can last for a lifetime when they are carefully taken care of. I’m thinking of having my bathroom renovated to improve its aesthetic appeal, so I’m going to follow your advice and have a glass shower door installed as well. http://www.hareldglassri.com/glass-services


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