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Entryway Ideas for Small Spaces

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Entryway ideas

Most homeowners would like to have an entryway that is welcoming as well as functional. You may feel limited by the space and think there is not a lot you can do, but the truth is you do not need to have an entire five-star hotel kind of foyer to be able to come up with a stylish entryway. There are a lot of practical entryway ideas for small spaces that would have your guests complimenting your home right from the doorstep.

These ideas are a combination of style, beauty, and functionality. They are gathered from different sources, including ordinary people’s homes as well as interior décor specialists’ suggestions.

Illusion of Space 

So you feel that your entryway is tight, and there is no way you can make it bigger. Well, there is a simple way, and it is one of the more common entryway ideas. A mirror! This will create an illusion of added space, and even a claustrophobic person may feel comfortable in that small space. Mirrors also make the space brighter since they reflect light. It is also a practical idea since you can take a quick look at yourself as you dash out of the house, or see what you look like when you return home.

Create a Sitting Area 

You could consider having something that’s just practical and go with an entryway bench. Nothing special about it, just a place to sit down as you take off your shoes or put them on as well as a place to sit and read your mail. Alternatively, you could opt for the modern entryway ideas for small spaces and have a beautiful, stylish chair with comfortable cushions. This looks inviting and makes the entryway beautiful. You can even play around with colors to add character to space, and it is also an excellent place for the deliveryman to sit as he waits for the money.

small entryway ideas

A Rug For the Floor 

This is probably where you should start. A rug will complement the ambiance of your entryway. Many interior designers will suggest rugs as one of the great small entryway ideas for spaces. Sisal rugs are a common choice because they can withstand the high traffic and they tend to age well. They can also be taken care of easily. The color and design of the rug may depend on what else you have in that area. Look out though, for the ugly ones, there are some really ugly rugs that you do not want to have in that space.

Have a Themed Design 

The theme you choose should complement the interior décor and gives a chance for you to show your artistic preference. Ideas are usually more aesthetic than practical, but you can choose to have both. It could be a chair or a bench that fits into your item, a rustic storage area, or a table. Some people have added apothecary cabinets that can act as storage space but also enhance a particular theme. Different collections of decorations, photos, and much more can help to create a themed area within your house.

Small Entryway Ideas - Storage Area

Storage Area

This is something so many people do, and you might find it a bit dull; however, it is essential to have specific storage space in the entryway. Coats, umbrellas, and shoes are best kept near the door, so it is the perfect idea to have space and structure to keep them there. You, however, do not need to be so practical about it. Add a bit of creativity — for example — a sculptured tree can serve as a coat, and hat hanger or a well-polished or painted shoe rack can still look great near the door. You can also have the wall with well-designed hooks for hanging hats and bags. It all depends on your creativity.

Display Art

This is particularly welcoming for guests as it gives them something to look at, and at times that can be the start of the conversation. Art is also appropriate opposite a sitting area so you can have something to look at and appreciate as you sit there. Art can also give you a chance to express yourself and showcase the kind of person you are. Art provides sophistication to an entryway and lends a unique personality to your home right from the entryway ideas.

Ambient Light

Ambient Lights 

Do you want to set a mood right from the doorway? Ambient lights are an excellent way to go. You can choose different colors to set the ambiance. They could be lights that you can dim and brighten at will, or colored lights of different colors as well as ordinary lights to make the place brighter and make a small space look more full.

Storage Chest or Drawer Console 

There are many designs for storage chests that you can have in the entryway, they look beautiful and classy, but they can also help you put away a lot of things. Some crates can also serve as an entryway seat as well as storage. Look for something that works for you in terms of your needs, for example, you may not have enough closet space, so this could take up some of the things that might be put in a closet. The flat-top can also be used to keep keys and other things that you may need to grab and go as you leave the house, or you can place decorations on it. Please do not be shy to go for unique colors that will make it stand out.

The ideas you choose for the entryway need to be well thought out if you do not want to redesign the space in a short while. Think of your lifestyle, your sense of style as well as your budget and then make a choice. You will also need to consider if there is a lot of running around in that area, which would mean breakable things should be avoided like priceless china vases.

Be creative, but do not overdo it.


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