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Ideas For Decorating Entryway

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Entryway Flooring Ideas

If you go about asking any home stylist, they’d say, ‘if it doesn’t excite or inspire you, it’s time to shake things up a bit.’ In fact, stepping into any home should feel like an experience. Ones that visit your homes must feel like they entered a beautiful space. An abode you can call HOME! Even when you believe in the mantra of less is more; everyone deserves a grand entrance. And to up the notch on your decor skills, we decided to help you remodel your entryway. For starters, ideas decorating entryways are your hand at the first impression you create for your home.

Think of the space as your multi-dimensional welcome board, a place where guests feel ‘Oh, this is home.’ This is the place where you take off your shoes, hang the coat, or simply place your keys. Therefore, setting the right tone for your space is significant. Here are some fresh decorating entryway ideas to put you in the decor bandwagon and headstart your entryway transformation journey.

Abstract Artwork

Nothing beats art. a strikingly placed abstract artwork can instantly grab the attention of the guests in the entryway. While portraits, landscapes, and prints offer a lively interest to the accent walls, abstract art is what lets the guests play around with their creative freedom with your foyer’s color and shapes. Above all, you can echo the colors of the art onto your furnishings, the accent wall, or simply onto things that are staged in your entryway.

Geometric Mirrors

Circular, hexagonal, triangular, or asymmetrical – geometric mirrors carry a touch of contemporary, modern, and minimalism with their designs. Additionally, evoking the feeling of clean, calm, and vignetted earthy tones – geometric mirrors- is simply a designer’s favorite.

Entryway Decorating Ideas

Textured Rugs

Your entryway is not restricted merely to its walls and the furnishings. That is, your floors need love too. And to do so, you will need a gorgeous textured rug. These textured rugs come handy if you choose to symbolize your space and elevate its overall appearance. Permanently, you could anchor the area with a rug that adds to its charm. Choose your rug wisely. If your choice is eclectic, go for rugs that are traditional, textured, and give away a vintage feel.

Lights and Some More

If your entryway lacks natural views, you can illuminate it with wall-hung lighting. A pendant light or a chandelier works like a charm, and you need not dig deeper holes in your pocket. Your views will undoubtedly accentuate the overall ambiance of the space effectively.

Gold Accents

I am a fan of white and gold, and one of the many design choices that award-winning stylists prefer are gold accents over white overlays. These look chic, elegant, minimalist, and modish. A quick budget hack would be to spray paint your accents with metallic gold to achieve the finesse

Out of the Comfort Zone

While some prefer playing safe when it comes to home staging, others define their taste and personality through extra-ordinary timeless pieces. An unusual coat hook, a rather fastidious artwork, a shabby-yet-neat seating area. Go for something that will pull the attention of your guests when they step into your homes.

Entryway Flooring Ideas

Entryway Seating

One of the best ways to accessorize your space is by placing a foyer seat. You could also build one with storage space. In fact, the same can be used to store your footwear too. You could choose a rot iron piece, a metallic seating, wooden chairs, or any material that best compliments your taste. Nonetheless, an eccentric entryway is incomplete without a hint of wood.

Entryway Decorating Ideas

Hooks and Baskets

Europeans, Canadians, and even Americans cannot go without a coat hanger. And to make sure that they don’t forget to carry their coats, a coat hanger in the entryway simply helps. And if you are looking to add a semblance of warmth, wicker baskets and hyacinth bins are your go-to storage bins. If you cannot invest in a coat hanger, for now, you can install command hooks on the wall.

Mail Sorter

If you are the kind that receives countless mail each month, having a mail sorter can be pretty lucrative. Your mail sorter can simply be a separate bin. You can use an organizer, a storage container, a basket, or simply a documented wire shelves for the same. This can be placed on a side table.

Mix Things Up

While this may not look like a piece of sound advice, it actually truly is. In fact, mixing things up and playing around with decor is the best way to understand what works best for you. For instance, trying out different color palettes, textures, accents, and even seating for your space can be helpful in understanding where your comfort lies.

Entryway Decorating Ideas


Having a wall that is seldom dramatic can be quite a dull entrance to your home. You can clue yourself with a variety of wallpapers for your entryway wall. These could be anything from bold and bright colors to earthy muted tones. You can have a tiled pattern or simply go for a larger fuller sized wallpaper.

Neutral Palette

Setting a tone for your home is essential, and a neutral palette helps strike that balance. In fact, a warm cozy welcome begins with natural wood tones, neutral-colored rugs, and a minimalist setting.

Scented / Fragrant

This may not be a design option but certainly works a charm. A scented/fragrant home creates a definition of a warm fuzzy, cozy feeling. Your guests will habituate themselves with the scent and a feeling that is evoked in them. They’d feel the exact same way for your home. An earthy scent that is not too bold and offers a mild whiff of fragrance is your best bet at making an entrance.

No matter what you do, don’t forget to use the list, as mentioned earlier, as your checklist for the next time you look to invest in ideas for decorating entryway. You never know which of these ideas will pave into your home and finally into your heart. 

Make the most of this list and live a happy, peaceful life with a truly welcoming home.

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