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Entryway Bench Ideas to Consider

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The entryway is an area that presents a lot of opportunities to create an impression on guests and give a hearty welcome with a personal touch. There is also the opportunity to create functional space with many structures. Bench entryway ideas usually combine all these or a few of them.

If you are thinking of remodeling your entryway or designing it from scratch, the entryway bench ideas you will find in this article may be worth exploring. You can turn a bland small space into an attractive and functional area by trying out some of these ideas.

Storage Ideas 

There are various ways you can add storage space to your entryway bench. Storage space can also enhance beauty, while some can make use of extra space. For starters, a bench usually has space below it, that space can serve as storage space even without adding anything to it. You can use that space to keep shoes, a basket with fresh socks in there, and if your home is very small, the dog basket could be there, and it would be the right place for it to keep guard since it will be at the door.

Alternatively, you could make storage additions like drawers. There are a lot of designs for entryway bench ideas that involve drawers. They could be under the bench, besides it or even above. It depends on what you wish to achieve. Drawers will create even more storage space, but they can also be designed to look beautiful and flow with the rest of the home décor. The sizes depend on what you would want to store in there.

Shelves or compartments are another storage idea. You can have the bench slightly raised above the average level so that you can have multiple levels of racks for different items. Shoes could be at the bottom, and scarves could be at the top along with other things like a notebook or the dog’s leash. What you choose to keep there would be up to you, but hopefully, it will not be a clutter.

A flat-top chest may seem like a rustic idea. Still, it is also considered one of the entryway bench ideas modern designers suggest, and it is a great storage option, especially for things that kids usually leave lying about on the floor like baseball gloves, gym bags, and so on. They can just be thrown in there out of sight, and the bench will provide the rustic modern look in the entryway.

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Beauty Ideas

Since your entryway is the first part of the houseguests looks at, you would want to make an impression on them right from there. A plank of wood supported by two stones may only impress the Flintstones, so maybe you should try harder to impress. The entryway may not be the center of attention of your home, but it does get attention, so that is an excellent reason to make it worth looking at.

A common idea for a beautiful entryway bench ideas is to put attractive cushions. These can be of different or matching colors — it all depends on what you prefer and how much you are ready to try out when it comes to colors. It is incredible what just a few cushions can do for the bench. They have the ability to brighten up the entire area or to create the needed contrast. Pillows are not just about comfort — they are accessories and part of your décor.

You can add accessories to the bench with plants. Potted plants will give your entryway a natural feel, and they will even increase the oxygen in that area. Many feel more relaxed seated around plants, so adding some potted plants on both sides of the bench or if there is a table, you can put freshly picked flowers.

For more color, you can have the bench painted. If you like variety, then different colors would be a nice touch, or you can go for a single-themed color that matches the rest of the entryway.

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Creativity allows you to showcase your style as well as personality. A custom-made bench that is crafted to attract attention while still providing the functionality of a bench would be a nice touch for the entryway. A bench made on the back of a sculptured animal would make people want to sit in that area just for the fun of sitting on an animal’s back, but it also makes the area look classy and sophisticated.

There are a lot of creative designs that could be adopted for an entryway bench, and the homeowner would have to choose something that best describes who they are or that will complement the rest of the house.

Reading Area

Depending on the design of the house, an entryway bench may be a beautiful place to catch up on some reading. The area can be quiet, and the bench can be made comfortable for someone to sit there for long and enjoy some quiet time. A park bench design with a backrest can serve that purpose. It would also have to be the kind that you can lean backward a bit.

For a reading area, the bench would also have to be in a place that has ample light as well as a shelf where some of the reading material like books and magazines can be kept.

The entryway bench can be designed according to the use of that area, and it will need suitable accessories to make it comfortable. It takes careful thought to come up with a final entryway bench idea, and you could also visit different homes to see what they have done. Some people prefer to build something permanent with a built-in bench that is like an extension of the wall. The size will be determined by the amount of space available, and usually, it shouldn’t take up too much space because people could have their movement restricted. That said, it is an excellent piece of furniture to have in the entryway.

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