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Best Window Ideas for 2020

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Best Windows Ideas

So you live in a house, and you’ve got all that you need to make it a living space, but something doesn’t just fit right. In your usual curious self, you decide to take a leisurely tour around the house to discover what’s missing, and then you wind up in your basement.

Bam! Right smack in the middle, you’re staring at a drab looking basement viewpoint. Don’t get me wrong, basements are meant to be basements, but who says they can’t be a second home down below?
So you think to yourself, what can I possibly do to fix this? “I want to breathe down here!”
If you’re stuck in this conundrum, then this guide is the surreal solution you’ve been craving, right?
Without further ado, here are some of the best basement window ideas that can assist you with breathing in some new life into your basement.

Best Fixed Windows

Fixed Windows

If you’re someone that is drawn to ambient natural lighting, then installing the fixed windows in your basement is something you should consider. Fixed Windows are designed to provide the viewer with a more unobstructed view of the home exterior, and it also makes the basement appear like it has a larger dimension.
This is great for those that crave large basement spaces but are constrained by the actual size of their basements. You don’t need to tear down that wall!

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

You can always get creative with the best window ideas you follow in your basement. There are traditional basement windows or conventional basement windows, which should be a top priority is how the installed window suits the aesthetics of your basement. If your basement is above ground level, then opting for a double-hung window can greatly improve the temperature and airflow around in and out of your basement. However, one flip side is that these window variety may not be the “looker” for you. If it gets the job done, why not?

Awning Window

Awning Windows

Are you someone that dreads leaks from snow and rain sipping into your basement, or you’re someone that’s fed up with always cleaning up leaks from weather events? If you’re stuck in this conundrum, then acquiring awning windows for your basement is a big step up from the mundane. Okay, you’ve got to admit, that sounded a bit cheeky. However, what we’re trying to say is, awning windows are the best basement window ideas to keep out the elements.
Awning windows are technically designed with hinges at the top that hinges to the window frame and opens out at the bottom. Thus, making it difficult for the elements to find their way into your basement. Talk about a “guard like” window protection unit against the elements! Pretty neat, right?
The “slope like” orientation of the Awning window causes water to run off, and this is the primary way the basement windows helps to prevent rain or snow from sipping or leaking into the basement. This feature also allows the homeowner to open the basement window irrespective of the weather condition, whether during the rain or snow.
Awning windows are great, but there’s a flip side to it, installing an awning window can take up considerable walkway or patio space. They’re designed to protrude outward to enable water runoff, so this may be a sort of inconvenience for the homeowner. However, if you’re unbothered by this, go for it!

Horizontal Sliding Window

Horizontal Sliding Windows

If you’re a homeowner and not a fan of protruding basement windows taking up a considerable patio and walkway space, then installing Horizontal Sliding Windows in your home can be the biggest investment you’ll make on your basement.
Just like the name implies, Horizontal Sliding Windows are designed with a horizontal sliding panel that slides over a stationary window pane. This is ideal for basements that are above ground level, and it also doesn’t infringe on walkways or patios. Maintenance of this basement window unit is a low cost, effective, and not time-consuming.
If you’re a homeowner looking for a basement window that gives you the flexibility to do more and enjoy its beauty, then installing this basement window unit should be on your checklist.

living space

Casement Windows

If you’re a homeowner with a basement that is considered above ground, then installing casement windows in your basement should be a top priority. Their overall aesthetic makes them ideal for basements that are way above the ground.
The length of Casement windows are pretty high up, and the width is considerably shorter. These dimensions mirror the basement build, and they’re an ideal representation of what should be installed in a basement that’s high off the ground.
Although they’re good for basements that are high off the ground, it’s important to note that they also protrude, and this can be a considerable drawback that can cause problems in window wells. Also, if you’re someone that doesn’t fancy placing stress in your hands when you crank open your window unit, then you may find the hand crank mechanism that opens up the window as a turnoff.
It’s not all downhill with this basement window type, and a big advantage is that it comes installed with a secure lock, and this allows you to secure your basement and keep out trespassers or Intruders, while you enjoy the ambiance of your exteriors.

Hooper Windows

We saved the best for the last, as this basement window is arguably the most popular basement window installed in homes. Hooper window orientation is completely different from the others as they’re usually installed at the top of the basement wall, way above the ground. And they are usually very wide and short in length. There’s a striking resemblance with the awning windows, albeit in reverse.
There’s a presence of a hinge mechanism just like the awning windows, but this is located at the bottom, not at the top of the window frame. There is also the presence of a lever at the top that you can easily access to swing open the window inward.
Unlike the awning window that opens out into the walkway or patio, the Hooper windows open into the basement. This design can be considered as a slight flaw since it doesn’t keep out snow or rain from your basement.



You can choose from the variety of the best basement window ideas in this guide that suits your style and orientation of your basement. Please note that another important detail to consider is the material you’re going to use for your best window design ideas. Vinyl frames are highly recommended by experts in the industry as it’s ill-advised to install wooden basement windows that are susceptible to moisture since they’re located close to the ground.
Have you any experience with installing basement windows? Please free to share your expertise with our community in the comment section.

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