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Painting Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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White Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are a perfect way to make any kitchen look very attractive. This is why they have to be painted with the right colors in order to stand out. Anything short of this means your kitchen may not appear modern. Always remember that when it comes to painting ideas, there are different types you can explore. While some are great, others can make your kitchen appear worse off. 

Discover the 10 best kitchen cabinet paint ideas

Are you struggling to come up with the right painting kitchen cabinets ideas? Do you know that choosing the right color can transform such a kitchen far more than you must have imagined? This post will be revealing some of the best painting ideas. Just choose the best kitchen cabinet paint idea, amongst others. 

Mixed color 

There is something special about using different colors to paint your kitchen cabinets. The above cabinets have been designed with a combination of blue, gray, and white. This idea is capable of making any kitchen come alive. The colors have been unified with the hardwood floor. There is no other better way to make your kitchen look unique. From the picture, you will notice the kitchen has been a combination of simplicity and elegance. 

Painting kitchen cabinets ideas

Glossy yellow

Do you know that yellow has a way of making an environment lively? This is why its popularity has increased in recent times amongst homeowners. It can help to create that calmness in your kitchen when used to paint the cabinets. With glossy yellow being used, there is no doubt that your kitchen cabinets are going to appear classy. Can you see how the kitchen has been transformed through this painting idea? This is probably the best kitchen cabinet paint you will ever make use of. 

Black color

Most people make the mistake of thinking that black and white color combination in their kitchens is a bad idea. Seeing the picture above means you need a rethink. See how the cabinets have been painted black. This has contributed to making them stand out. It is stylish and sleek, thereby making the kitchen appear modern. There are people who have painted kitchen cabinets using this color with outstanding results. 


Do you have a kitchen space that is bright? In other words, there is light coming in during the daytime. In such a case, your cabinets don’t need any other color than chartreuse to stand out. It may look simple in terms of appearance but can change how the place looks when used correctly. For the best results, you can make use of white paint on the walls. Improving the look of your kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be expensive with this color. 

Painting kitchen cabinets ideas

Coral color 

Kitchen cabinets painted with coral have a way of standing out. This is because they are not just about creating a vibrant look. In addition to such, they can also give any kitchen a feminine feel once used. If you have thought that coral can only be used in bedrooms and living rooms, there is no doubt that you’re mistaken. Just have it toned down using a contrasting black color for the best results. The picture above will definitely offer you some inspiration on what coral kitchen cabinets can bring. 


Blue colors are known to bring about calmness, serenity, and peace. This is what makes them one of the best kitchen cabinet paint ideas you can start making use of. The benefit of using this color is that it can transform any traditional or conventional kitchen cabinet into something special and unique. When trying to make use of it, ensure the walls have been painted with something different (preferably white). This will make the cabinets more noticeable. 


Red cabinetry

Most people usually make the mistake of spending lots of money to make their kitchen look classy. There is a much better way to achieve, such as having to put a hole in your pocket. This is where the red color will prove to be very useful. Using it to paint your kitchen cabinets can make all the difference. This is the easiest way to give any kitchen a touch of royalty. Can you see how it has changed the kitchen above? 

Purple kitchen

Purple color may not be the best option for every kitchen cabinet. This is because it tends to be very selective when it comes to the color that can combine perfectly in other parts of the kitchen like walls. However, if you can get the right combination, there is no doubt that you will probably find it as the best kitchen cabinet paint idea amongst others in this post. It is one of the unique colors you can use for kitchen cabinets today. 

Crisp white

People who have painted kitchen cabinets using white color always come to one conclusion. This is the fact that it makes their kitchen appear very elegant. In case you are looking for the perfect cabinet color that will make your kitchen look neutral, white ticks all the boxes. It is one of the easiest ways to highlight the features of your kitchen. Please note that this is one of those painting kitchen cabinets ideas that have to be adopted with caution. The reason is simple as regular maintenance is required to keep your cabinets looking vibrant. 


Forest green 

A few years ago, the popularity of green color in kitchens started to wane as most homeowners preferred using other colors. However, it is making a comeback in 2020. Most cabinets are being painted with forest green to create the most desired effects in kitchens. Although the painted kitchen cabinets above and walls only include forest green, it is possible to vary your own design for the purpose of uniqueness. A combination of green and white will be perfect for kitchen cabinets and walls, respectively. 


Based on the above, it is obvious that painting kitchen cabinets ideas aren’t difficult to find once you know the right place to look. These are some of the best kitchen cabinet paint ideas you can start exploring today in order to change the look of your kitchen.

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