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Best Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers 2020

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Grey Kitchen Cabinetry

Are you looking for the best kitchen cabinets manufacturer 2020? You might come across different kitchen cabinet brands that excel in making solid wood cabinets. These cabinet makers are known for their quality products and their incredibly great designs. When you are looking for cabinet companies that offer quality cabinets, you need to put a little more effort into research. To find out the kitchen model that is the best, check the best manufacturer who will provide you with similar quality cabinets.

While hiring a custom cabinet maker is also an option. When there are already some best cabinet makers, why do you need to hire others?

Kitchen Cabinets


Kraftmaid Cabinetry

The Kraftmaid is the name widely known in the industry for its solid wood cabinets and incredible quality. The kitchen cabinet manufacturer is the top manufacturer in the industry for manufacturing the best quality kitchen cabinets. They offer several products, and all of them are the epitome of quality and robust design.

People who need classic cabinets must check out the collection by Kraftmaid. The semi-custom cabinets by Kraftmaid are famous among homeowners because of their quality and edge of Designing. People look for Classic Kitchen cabinets, and Kraftmaid is the appropriate choice. This brand holds the top position in our list and the industry because of the commitment to producing quality.


Another mainline of best kitchen cabinets 2020 business is the Merillat Kitchen cabinet manufacturers. This also is an excellent competition for Kraftmaid and holds a similar position. The Merillat is a Michigan-based company that will change the layout of your kitchen and amps up the style as well. There might be a few fewer options in their cabinet line, but the style is impeccable. This Michigan-based company is a lot better at introducing solid wood cabinets combined with incredible style and design than any other local company.

Merillat is an affordable choice for the homeowner who needs to stay on a budget. Even though there are limited options, you can still find out kitchen cabinet design that is impeccable and affordable.

There might not be a lot of experimental designs, but you can check the true and classic designs in their collection. When compared to the other local cabinet manufacturers, you will find Merillat as a more cost-effective choice.

 White IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer


Who doesn’t know the name of IKEA is a priority for most homeowners to get the semi-ready and easy to assemble cabinets and shelves. One does not have to wait to get their cabinets and shelves manufactured like local or custom manufacturers when you get them from IKEA. The best advantage of getting your kitchen cabinets from Ikea is that you can get them from their store or order them online. Also, they have an immediate pickup, which is an excellent choice for people who want quick solutions. But you might have to compromise on the design and the style as the IKEA cabinets and other accessories have a similar design and do not change a lot. Sometimes it can be a little tricky to assemble the cabinets by IKEA, but the good thing is that you get the complete guide with it.

The user manual available with the IKEA products is a lifesaver as well. IKEA store is known for producing quality goods, not only cabinets but a lot more. Also so the cabinets are a lot more affordable as compared to the above options. On the IKEA store that is a brick-and-mortar store, you can find the cabinets and other appliances, and kitchen accessories.

With the wide range of products available at IKEA, you can quickly get your hands on any product without hassle. However, the little downside is the less exciting designs of the IKEA Store. People who need to get their cabinets fixed can get them from IKEA.

When you have greater style expectations, IKEA might not be a perfect choice.

Snaidero USA 

The Snaidero USA is another one of the cabinet manufacturers based in the United States. It is a high-end manufacturer that is known for being the best in town. The SNAIDERO USA does not only have a classic design but will also offer cabinets that are based on aesthetic designs as well. This cabinet manufacturer is exceptionally known for the widely available showrooms and incredibly great innovations of the cabinets. Along with the sleek and aesthetic design comes the quality. These cabinets are made from solid wood and offer a long run. This, not the American cabinet manufacturer, is worth the price.

Most cabinet designs of the Snaidero USA are a combination of Italian and European designs. The elegance and the decency of the invention will make your kitchen look a little more aesthetics. And think of the pleasure it would be to cook in such a Majestic kitchen.

Grey Cabinetry


When you talk about the best cabinet manufacturer, we can tell you Porcelanosa is the one. Porcelanosa cabinet manufacturer was founded in 1973, and since then, it has been showing its excellence at what it manufactures.

When you are looking for European or Italian-styled kitchen cabinets, you know where to look for them. Yes, you are right! Porcelanosa is the right spot to find out the appropriate cabinets for your kitchen. With over 400 showrooms and Associates and the dealerships that it has been handling, Porcelanosa becomes the solid choice for every individual.

 They offer kitchen cabinets that do not only complement your kitchen but also have a diversify and look. Whether you need Majestic kitchen cabinets or classic cabinets, you will find them all at Porcelanosa.

This vast company offers not only kitchen cabinets but countertops and tiles as well. There are other diversify and option also available in their production line that can complement your kitchen mostly.

RTA Cabinet Store

One other cabinets Store or manufacturer is the RTA cabinets Store that is known for its elegance. This cabinet manufacturer will offer you decent kitchen cabinets, including the full overlay cabinet style. The most significant advantage of getting your cabinets from the RTA Cabinet Store is that they are almost ready to assemble cabinet options.

Unlike IKEA, you can get various options regarding style from RTA Cabinet Store. People who want to install the kitchen cabinets by themselves can get the kitchen cabinets from RTA. They are almost excellent to serve the quality and provide customer satisfaction without any Glitch. You can get their services online and reach out to their physical store as well.


Cliqstudios Cabinets



Another kitchen cabinet designers and manufacturers are the Cliqstidio. They are known for their cabinet designs and their extravagant business model. The transparent business model is a uniquely established kitchen cabinet manufacturer that provides low-cost kitchen cabinets. These kitchen cabinets by Cliqstudio are do-it-yourself and easy to assemble kitchen cabinets.

The best part of getting your kitchen cabinets from them is that you get the liberty to design and plan the kitchen cabinets accordingly. These kitchen cabinets by Cliqstudio customizable semi-custom-made cabinets that you can get through ordering online.

Canyon Creek cabinet company

The Washington-based Canyon Creek cabinet company is another of the affordable cabinet manufacturers that deal with solid wood cabinets and frameless cabinet styles. This cabinet manufacturing company is a reasonable choice for people living in the United States. They offer custom cabinet designs and also have a wide range of techniques that you can get for your kitchen. This company was established in 1981, and since then, it has been creating wonders for the kitchen. The Canyon Creek cabinet company is a perfect choice for people on a budget and need cabinets for the kitchen and their rooms. 

The vast range of designs and aesthetic style of cabinets will make the Canyon Creek cabinet manufacturer just the perfect choice. There are some outlets of the Canyon Creek company available in the Western United States. You can also contact them online and get the cabinets delivered. Nonetheless, Canyon Creek cabinet manufacturer is the best kitchen cabinets 2020.


When looking for kitchen cabinets, the perfectly framed cabinets made from high-quality and solid wood will come across many cabinet manufacturers. Some of the above-mentioned cabinet manufacturers are known for the quality and aesthetics to indulge in the cabinets. At the same time, the other manufacturers are known for the easy assembling and affordable prices of the cabinets. You have two choices when you are planning to change the cabinets of your kitchen. You can hire a custom cabinet manufacturer to help you with the appropriate design and style of cabinets. You can also look through the list above to find out the cabinet manufacturer that is perfect for your budget and the style you need. All the above manufacturers or cabinet have their best designs and offer incredible quality. To narrow down the best kitchen cabinets 2020, we can say Kraftmaid is an impeccable option. For affordable options. You can consider Ikea as well.

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