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Small Basement Design Ideas You Need to Know

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Small Basement

Basements, small or big offer the homeowner a world of functional space depending on the small basement design ideas they implement. Whether you would like it to be an extra bedroom for guests or a room where your family can spend time together or even laundry, the planning you put into the design will determine how well you will achieve your desire.

It is even possible to implement small basement ideas on a budget as long as you are able to sacrifice clutter, which some people tend to be very attached to. If you would like to improve the basement in your home, here are some great ideas you could implement.


No Walls 

It is possible for the basement to serve multiple functions but if it is a small space, you are better off not having walls. Open concepts are a modern trend that you can effectively use. It is possible to substitute walls with things like different lighting or wall colors. Even a simple idea like a sectional rug can help to demarcate different areas for a different purpose. The good thing about open concepts is that you can also change their purpose with ease. For example, if you do not receive guests often, what might have been the guest room can be a reading room, and when a guest is present the reading couch is transformed into a bed. This idea can be better implemented along with other small basement remodeling ideas that we will see.

Small Basement Design Ideas

Use Mirrors 

Mirrors are great for the illusion of space. By placing mirrors on the walls, the reflection will give the illusion that there is more space, this is a great idea especially if the basement is being used for relaxation or as a bedroom. These are activities that may not require physical space but it is more comfortable when you feel like the walls are not closing in on you. You would actually feel more relaxed because of the mirrors. They also play another role in small spaces especially in basements, they reflect light and the more the light, the wider space seems but also if you can see better, you are less likely to walk into objects within the small space.


Increase the Light Effect 

We have already talked briefly about light and its role in small basement design ideas. When remodeling a basement, part of the planning for small basement design ideas should be how to maximize the available light and how to increase it. Most basements have small windows that will not bring in enough light and others do not have windows at all. If there are windows that will bring in natural light at day time, start by ensuring they are not blocked and the walls opposite them would be a good position to put a mirror. But natural light alone is not sufficient, so add artificial light. Brighter bulbs, more bulbs, or table lights are all possible ideas to make the room brighter and look bigger.


Small Basement Design Ideas – Storage Solutions 

Sometimes it is inevitable that you need to store things in the basement, that should not be an excuse to clutter the whole room. Smart storage solutions can solve the problem, for example, having furniture that can also serve as storage units, a guest bedroom could have a bed with a big drawer under, cabinets and hooks can be designed specially to store the things that you have and some furniture can be foldable so that they can be stored out of the way as you transform the space for a different function. For example, a study area can have tables that can be retracted so that the study can also be a family game room. Storage ideas are numerous and you just have to research which one would suit your needs best. Also, space under the stairs usually cannot be used for practical purposes, so it can be turned into extra storage space.


Small Basement Design Ideas


Embrace Neutral Colors

While you may like certain colors because they create a particular ambiance, small basements would be better off if you painted them using neutral colors. Grey white and pale yellow may be the best choices, bright colors make the room look spacious just like mirrors do. This, however, doesn’t mean you should be restricted to these colors, it is actually possible to have a contrast with the floor, so you can have the floor painted whatever color you prefer, and then the walls can be the neutral colors or choose one of the walls and give it a warm color.


Throw Away Clutter 

As much as you might have storage space, you have no excuse for hanging onto things you no longer need. That bicycle you rode when you were nine years old should be given to someone else, the chest with a lot of dusty records that probably no longer play is taking up a lot of real estate, it is time you said bye to it. We are all guilty of saving clutter in the name of sentimental value but the truth is if you have not put it to use in 6 months, you probably do not need it anymore. You will realize that when you get rid of the clutter, the basement will have more space than you can repurpose.

It is also important that you are tidy. If you are using a small basement design ideas as a children’s playroom, it is likely that their toys will be all over the place, this is going to make the room look smaller. Practice tidying up often so that there is more space to walk around and do multiple things with the basement.

In conclusion, whether you are looking to create a spare bedroom, laundry, or some other functional space in your house, planning will be key. It is possible to fit in different ideas as long as you get the planning right and you do not have to break the bank to achieve it.

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