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Small Kitchen Functionality Ideas

Is your a small kitchen functionality space with a mess of items?

I understand that there is nothing worse than a kitchen with disordered objects, which looks awful. Your small kitchen functionality ideas are not supposed to a messy and disorganized space. Instead, it is a place where you relax after a long tiring day and treat yourself with delicious meals.

So, do you want to make the most out of your tiny kitchen?

If you have a tiny kitchen, a wall to work with, or one-two foot of counter space, we’re here to your rescue.

The following are some top small kitchens functionally ideas to utilize every square inch of your kitchen space efficiently. Read on…

Knack Walls with IKEA’s Kitchen Series

Do you know IKEA’s Graundtal kitchen series is an ideal choice to whip up your kitchen’s vertical storage?

Yes, it is!

This cont effective stainless steel system is to make the best use of much needed vertical kitchen storage. Knack the luxury IKEA accessories, ranging from magnetic knife racker to open shelves, above the countertop. This way, you can’t only navigate your kitchen easily but also free up counter space.

Small Furniture for Counter Space

If your kitchen is relatively smaller and has less counter space for a big table, consider adding a small or foldable table to eat food. Put the straight side of your table against the wall to have some extra space. You may also use a foldable as a desk for working, and put it away when you’re done.

Install Toekick Drawers

Is there enough free space under your cabinets? Consider installing under cabinet drawers to add additional storage in your small kitchen small functionality ideas. From pans and linens to pantry items, toe-kick drawers are an ideal way to hold most of your kitchen accessories.

Installing toe-kick drawers under your kitchen’s base cabinets can be utilized to store dishes, pans, and other kitchen utensils

Utilize the Space Across Your Fridge

Do you have free space above or across your fridge? Make the best use of it by crafty a wispy DIY rolling pantry. You can use it to store an array of nonperishable kitchen accessories and canned goods. Also,  consider complementing it with soothing lighting above for a luxury ambiance.

Install Steel Pegboard Backsplash

Installing a handy stainless steel backsplash is a DIY project, which you can do yourself. It acts as a double-duty object, allowing you to keep small kitchen walls from spills and splashes and keeping essential utensils at the ease of access.

You can use it to hang spatulas, ladles, pan, and other cookware. Also, consider installing an open shelve on the backsplash to store big kitchenware.

Above the Sink Cutting Board

Is it hard for you to spare floor space for a cutting board? Consider using an above-the-sink cutting board to chop vegetables. It is a smart, quick fix, allowing you to rinse before cutting.

Store Unnecessary Cutlery in a Nearby Room

Is your kitchen space too small to create the storage of your starve? Consider using a closet in a nearby room as a pantry to store occasionally used or non-perishable kitchen items.

Instead, you can utilize a recessed niche to hive up utensils and use a curtain to hide what is stored inside. It also adds to the aesthetics of your space.

Install Corner Shelves

Often underutilized, corner space can be given a purpose when you’re trying to make every inch of your small kitchen functionality ideas count. From rectangular floating shelves to round corner shelves, these awkward spots can be made functional with shelving to store cookware including pots and pans.

Make the Most Out of Untapped Space

We adore how a small cottage kitchen holds the countertop clutter-free using various smart storage solutions. Below are some beneficial ideas.

I hope these simple small kitchen functionally ideas will inspire you jazzing up your small space. And keep you preparing your meal in style.

fWhich approach suits you the most? Don’t forget to share it with us.

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