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About Us

      Do you have a house project but lack the real estate know-how on what to do and want to get some home design ideas? Don’t worry; we have all you need to complete any space or in your house from the professionals.

 Welcome to My Next House Project – creative and finished ideas for your next house project.

House By The Canal

 My Next House Project isn’t your usual DIY house renovation idea website; it is a complete blueprint manuscript that allows you to design any space in a building from top to bottom with professional and expert real estate decorators to give your place the finish and personality you desire.

When we started, we realized that most homeowners never get the options they need to choose a space befitting their personalities correctly. Aside from wasting money on fake and inexperienced handymen, they suffer from bogus fittings and fixtures or renovations that are not durable or concrete for their space.

What My Next House Project offer

Our ideas go from minimalistic, open, and multifunctional to bold, crazy if you like, and never-before-seen design college, but all the same stunning to make your space pop. It doesn’t matter what space you are designing, and we have an unbeatable idea plan for you. Also, we offer clients firsthand knowledge of what your space could look like regardless of size, structure, or shape by offering countless views that you can use alone or browse through the many ideas of the area and create your impression with help from our experts. is an encyclopedia covering the pros, cons, buying guide, finishes, colors, paint, design, textures, combination, arrangement, fitting, and space fixtures. If you can think of it, we have it ready to go for you. 

Our Mission

Our dream was to dissect your home DNA and offer unique design and sensibility to bring your imagination of the space into a practical reality for the purpose it is intended for and peace to you. It is, therefore, safe to say that our mission is to proffer design ideas for everyone to have a well-designed space with their signature on it.


Our Goals

  • To provide design ideas that will allow you to stay true to who you are but enhance what your love
  • Teach our clients how colors, textures, and finishes bring life to any space.
  • Help you to choose beauty without breaking the bank
  • To create balance in any area, infusing the yin and yang and some Zen into all space

Why us

 Whether you are looking for ideas for a kitchen, hallway, or living room, a big, small, or minute space, or a block or wooden structure, we have a plan for you.

Perhaps you are looking for unique decorative pieces, a center table or chandelier to excite the appetite of your guests, or a design inspiration to make your house become a home, or looking to connect with the ideal architect, designer, builder, or contractor in your location without spending or wasting money, we have got your design back. is your final bus stop for design, decorating, finishes, fittings, and fixtures or organizing for any space. Don’t contact anyone if you haven’t gone through us.

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