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The Best Laundry Washing Machines

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Laundry Washing Machines

There is not a lot of designing that is required for a laundry room, the only thing that should matter in a laundry room is the washing machine, and not just because of aesthetics, but effectiveness and durability as well.

Getting a laundry washing machine is not as easy as people make it out to seem, it is a lot more than walking into a store and picking out a washing machine because you like the way it looks, you have to consider a lot of factors to consider when picking a washing machine.

Let us look at some of the tips you should take into consideration when picking a laundry washing machine:

The size of your laundry room

Laundry washers come in different sizes, and how big or how small your laundry room is should be a determining factor when you are picking your laundry washing machine. We all want large washing machines that can wash a lot of clothes at the same time, but if your movement is restricted while in the laundry room, then a smaller one would be better. You also do not want a washing machine that has the door banging against the wall every time you try to open it.

The type of washing machine

There are different types of washing machines, you might want the top load agitator, front loader and top load impeller also called high efficiency. You will have to choose the type you want before you get to shopping. It reduces the confusion you might have to encounter when you have different washing machines in front of you and you have to pick and pay for one.

The location of the laundry room

Some washing machines can be a tad noisy when turned on, and they might also cause some kind of vibration as well. If your laundry room is located inside the house, you might want to go for a quieter washing machine, but if your laundry room is located in the basement, then you can opt for any kind. The point is to make sure it does not completely disrupt the peace of the living space when in action.

The family size

Your family size affects the amount of laundry you have to do. If you are doing loads of laundry, you would need a bigger washing machine to save time, either that or you will have to keep putting in batch after batch until you are done with the whole pile. There are a whole lot of other things you could use your time for instead of waiting for batch after batch to wash in the laundry washing machine.

Your budget

This is important because you do not want to break the bank because you are trying to wash clothes the easy way. Look at how much you are willing to spend, and how much you are willing to add before you add that washing machine to your Amazon shopping cart.

There are a few other tips to consider when purchasing a laundry washer, but these are the most important ones.

That said, here is a list of the best laundry washing machines money can buy:

LG WM3900HWA 4.5 cu. ft. Front Load Washing Machine

We already know that LG is one of those companies that gives all the best kinds of electronics, however, this washing mashing is one of the many bests they offer. This washing machine is low maintenance and does not require any serious maintenance procedure in the first year of purchase. You can be sure of efficiency, and also durability because this one would last.

It also comes with an easy-to-use feature, you do not have to go on Quora to ask ‘how do I operate my washing machine?’ Also, it comes with an LG turbo wash feature, this cuts your laundry time in half, by combining the rinse and spin in such a way that you do not have to do both differently.

There are two best parts of this laundry washing machine, first, it can be controlled with your smartphone, and it is cost-effective as it is both water and energy-efficient. So, you can run your laundry, without worrying about racking up the light bills or water bills.

Samsung WF42H5000AW 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Washing Machine

This is one of the cheap ones, effective ones, durable ones, but it belongs in the basement. This is one of those talked about above that makes a lot of noise when in use and causes a vibration too. If your laundry room is not in the house, you might want to ignore this one, but if it is in the basement, then this is definitely a good choice, plus it is a large one as well. If you are looking for something budget-friendly, this is your best bet.

Samsung WV60M9900AV 6.0 cu.ft. FlexWash Washing Machine

Yet another one from one of the leading electronics brands in the world- Samsung. If you are a huge fan of aesthetics, then you will be a fan of this, because this one is very pretty. This is for a smaller family, so if you do not have grown kids who play basketball and always have dirty jerseys climbing up the laundry pile, then this is for you. This washer has an inner water heater that heats up to 150degrees. Oh! It’s a smart laundry washer with WiFi that sends a notification to your phone when the cycle is done.

BLACK+DECKER BPWM09W Portable Washing Machine

If your laundry room is small, then this is the perfect idea for you. if you were feeling bad that it was small, then this might be the right time to tell you that it is super speed and dries speedily, shortening your laundry process. It is also energy and water efficient, making it a cost-effective option.

There you go, the best washing machines money can buy. Now, you know what to put in your laundry room, you can simply make a pick from these according to your specifications from the tips put above.

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