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10 Laundry Room Ideas That Organize

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Setting up a laundry room can turn into a herculean task if you are clueless about where to begin. They are the notorious child of your home that requires the most maintenance and tidying. They can simply be a laundry section in your backyard, a corner of your kitchen, or even your bathroom. You could as well have a separate room for all your laundry needs.

Come what may, these organizing tips will come in handy when you are looking for some classic laundry room ideas:

Wall Storage

I cannot stress enough how important it is to designate storage space for your laundry supplies. Be it the detergent, soap, or stain removers; a wall-hung basket is enough. It will allow you to store all your laundry essentials with ease giving you more legroom in the process. Most people resort to using wall-baskets, wall-mounted containers, bins or even wall-hung shelves to store their laundry supplies. You could as well try your hand at these.

Laundry Drying Rods

Drying Rods

From-the-ceiling drying rods and tensions rods work best to help dry your laundry. You can try out variable sizes, patterns, and colors – that is up to you. But, be certain to look out for drying racks of better quality and durability. This will eliminate the number of times you install a rack.


If wall-hung storage is not your best friend, then one of the popular laundry room organizing ideas is to have a wall-mount rack. A wall-mounted shelf or even a regular on-the-floor shelf can help accentuate your laundry room by manifolds. If you have new bookshelves, wall-shelves, or any box that can be used as one, repurpose it for your laundry. And you are good to go!

Space segregation

If you are short of space and wish to separate the dry and wet area, you can do so by adding curtains. Curtains help identify spaces. If you can’t have a door in your laundry room, you can use curtains to do the job. And they do it fabulously. If you have a much smaller space, try using tension rods instead of regular curtain rods.

Folding Station

I love laundry room ideas and lookup for these tips on Pinterest time and again. And one of the best advice I have received all this while is to have a separate folding station. A folding station is simply a place where you can fold all your clean laundry. At my mother’s, I have a storage basket where I can fold and store my laundry, and once I leave the laundry room, I can carry that same to the respective closets. That way, I save time, space, and energy by cutting down on work as well. Isn’t this one of the most delightful laundry room organize ideas?

Colour Code Your Bins

Colour Code Your Bins

I prefer wearing neutrals while my husband keeps it white, and my kids play around vibrant hues for their outfits. So, we have two bins that separate the neutral muted tones from the bright right-in-the-face colored ones. This way, I know I may not end up mixing the two and having a colored laundry disaster. You can place these near your washing machines so that whoever enters it knows which bin should their outfit step into.

Foldable Drying Rack

 If you are not looking to invest in a ceiling touch drying rack, you can invest in a portable folding drying rack that can be placed in only your laundry room or even the backyard. Foldable drying racks are cost-effective, durable, and compact, making it travel-friendly and space-friendly for smaller homes.

Stepladders and Ironing Boards

These are bulky and may sometimes take up significant space, but you can always have a vertical area designated to them. Hang your ironing board with a command hook and fold your step-ladder and keep it within the eye’s reach. These two are the most used commodities w.r.t laundry, and I am sure you cannot only do.

Stain Chart

These may seem useless at first, but they are your laundry first aids for times when you are clueless about what to do with those stubborn stains. Keep a wall-stuck stain chart handy so that you are never short of ideas to get rid of those nasty food stains. A stain chart will tell you what kind of supply to use for a specific stain. For instance, white wine to remove red wine, bleach to whiten your white tees – so on, and so forth.

Towel Folding

Is laundry even laundry without neatly stacked and rolled pieces of towels. I adore the KonMari Method and swear by it for all my organizing needs. One of the best hacks I have learned to minimize space issues is learning how to fold my laundry. Paying close attention to how each washing requires a step-by-step folding method acts as a significant step into your laundry room organizing idea.

These ten basic laundry room ideas should help you aplenty when you are busying yourself with a laundry room makeover. You can add your personal touch to your laundry room – the way you like it. If in case you are still short of ideas, these bonus tips should suffice your laundry room ideas’ thirst.

  • Have spare floor rugs – floor rugs amplify your space’s aesthetic. They are functional, elegant, and oh so stylish.
  • Lint Bins – Lint can be used to light an outdoor fire – so why trash it away when you can have a lint bin handy?
  • Labels – Nothing says ORGANIZED than a bunch of neat labels on all your storage containers.
  • Keep baskets handy – don’t just stick to the baskets on your folding station. Have some spares handy for times when you have an overflow of laundry

Keep these tips in mind to help organize your laundry room. You can double up these tips for any other place when it comes to storing and organizing. Drip-dry zones, wall-mounted racks, baskets, organizers, labels make your laundry room a haven for someone who loves to keep up with their routine. Don’t stray away from your organizing routine and ensure you have a weekly check on tidying your room to leave it spick, span, neat and clean.


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