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Laundry Utility Sink with Cabinet

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Laundry Utility Sink

Washing machines and dryers are the main things that come to our mind when we think about laundry or laundry rooms. An equally important thing is laundry utility sinks, even though it only has a supporting role, it makes most of our work easier. If you have not yet installed one, then you are missing out on a lot of benefits.

Laundry utility washer

What is a Laundry Utility Sink?

Utility sinks are different from normal sinks. It provides a wider space for more cleaning than others. Its depth ranges from 10 to 25 inches.
So you can scrub vigorously and spray water without water splashing out on the floor. It can be used to separate lint, hair, and other particles from the drain water of washing machines.

A utility sink allows us to do the cleaning that cannot be done in the normal sinks. It can be used to remove gardening dirt before entering the house, soak clothes, hand-wash clothes, clean paints from brushes, wash oversized cookware and other materials, treat stains, bathe pets, and much more.

Utility sinks can be installed in mudrooms, general utility rooms, or garage but are usually placed in laundry rooms. The ideal place would be near the washing machine in the laundry room. It allows us to transfer the soaked clothes in the sink to the washing machine with minimum water dripping.

There are sinks with a single basin, double basins, tub basins, etc. Double or more basin sinks are helpful when you have to wash clothes in different colors. That way, the colors won’t mix with each other, destroying the clothes’ colors and patterns.
You can choose from a variety of sinks. There are simple utility sinks, sinks with multiple faucets, and sinks with cabinets. The materials used also vary. Metal, acrylic, plastic utility sinks are available in the markets.


Laundry Utility Sinks with Cabinets

If you have adequate space in your laundry room, it’s wise to have utility sinks along with cabinets. Cabinets are a small cupboard which can be used to store things.
These can also range from simple cabinets to cabinets with options for multiple sinks, larger space, and multiple faucets.

Cabinets provide you with more counter space and storage space. You can store all the laundry supplies, gardening tools, and other materials inside these cabinets.
Cabinets that come readymade with a laminate countertop or granite countertops. There are options for you to customize these cabinets according to your needs.
They are also available in many colors, finishes, and styles so that you can find the ones that fit perfectly in your room.

They also come in different sizes and shapes and are available in wood and stainless steel.
Cabinets can be placed anywhere, below the sink, to the sides or cover the sinks from the sides. For smaller laundry rooms, cabinets should be placed under the utility sink. That way, it will not take up much space.

Laundry utility shelfs

Advantages of utility sink with cabinets

Some of the main benefits of laundry utility sink with cabinets are:

● It helps in adding extra space to the laundry room. Cabinets come with multiple layers and drawers which can be used for storing things.

● Allows the user to organize everything in your laundry room

● Some tools may get dirty, and it will be unwise to store it on shelves inside the house. These cabinets can be used to store paints, brushes, tools, etc. This will also save space inside the home and makes it more neat and appealing.

● Cabinets are highly customizable to fit the needs. You can add in more cabinets for extra space. It is also available in different sizes. Also, the top of the cabinets can be used for folding clothes, ironing, and such.

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Disadvantages of utility sink with cabinets

Some of the main disadvantages of laundry utility sink with cabinets are:

● They are very expensive. The more storage the cabinet provides, the more expensive it becomes. It’s cost also depends on the finishing and build quality. Installing it is too costly if you are using it for the first time. It has to be done by an experienced plumber who knows the existing plumbing systems of the house.

● It cannot be installed in a house with very little space. Even though the cabinets can provide more space, there should be ample space to fit the cabinet in the room. There are small cabinets for small rooms, but it won’t be able to hold many things.

● Cabinets are to be used for a long time. Since it is costly, it’s not advisable to change cabinets frequently. Costly cabinets may last for a long time with minimal maintenance. All other cabinets are to be maintained properly for a longer duration.

It should not be kept closer to the water as it can damage the material. Even though it is said to be water-resistant, water can damage the material, wood or steel, over the years.



Cost depends on the size, depth, and quality of materials used in the sink. A simple laundry utility sink would cost approximately $50 to $150. Utility sink with multiple basins and faucets costs approximately $150 to $900. When it comes to cabinet or cabinets, along with multiple faucets, it costs approximately $1000 to $3000.

You can also avail of customizations for an extra price. The cost will increase with the quality of the material used, specifications of the product, and other customizations if any.
Additional costs can occur when you hire a plumber for installing the sink with cabinet.



Laundry utility sinks with cabinet allow us to maximize the use of laundry rooms. These spaces will be left unused otherwise. Maximizing the use of space is very important if you have a small room.

If you have adequate space, then installing utility sinks with cabinets will give you the fully-loaded laundry experience.

There are a lot of options out there. So make sure you have the right cabinet for your needs and available space.


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