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22 Kitchen Update Renovations Ideas

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Kitchen Update Renovations Ideas

Are you finally getting around to starting your kitchen renovation project? Not sure what could be the best use of your money when update kitchen renovations ideas Read this article.

For me, the kitchen is a sanctuary.

From early in the morning to late evenings, I spend a huge fraction of my day in the kitchen, cooking meals. Sipping coffee. Or simply cleaning the kitchen up.

To feel content in your kitchen, go the extra mile.

Give this room a homely vibe. And turn it into a place where you could spend a happy time, whether with your family or alone.

I have had a lot of different experiences in designing my kitchen.

Because of the ever-changing tastes, I never stick to a single design for a long time.

Thus, I always find out ways to makeover the kitchen into something more exciting.

However, most of the things needed for a kitchen update renovations ideas are often too expensive.

Not to mention the enormous price, contractors quote to remodel your kitchen.

But this focal point of your home can give a significant return on your investment.

For that, you need to consider what could be the best use of money when renovating a kitchen.

In this article, I will share some best way to upgrade the look of your kitchen update renovations ideas without being a burden on your pocket.

So, without further ado, let us walk through them.

1. Turn Walls into a Memoir

Kitchen Renovations Ideas

I love the idea of turning the walls of a kitchen into a complete memoir.

You can let your kids flow their creativity with pencil drawings without having to worry about cleaning the walls.

For this process, you can paint the walls white. And then use some chalkboard paint as a layer on the walls.

2. Redo the Color Tone

Wall Color Tone

Bored of the same old colors in your kitchen? Here are an easy kitchen update renovations ideas hack to transform it.

Simply upgrade the texture of walls, cabinets, and countertop.

White and blue colors are a buzz in the world of interior design.

You can paint the cabinets white. And use varying textures for walls to give your kitchen an elegant look.

I had painted the walls blue and gave a greyish texture to the countertops.

The results were amazing.

3. Penny Countertop

For those who want to give their kitchen a unique look, penny countertop is an excellent update.

For this, you need to remove your countertop so that only the wooden boundaries are visible. And paint the surface black.

Next, add evenly sized coins into the countertop.

Make sure that the coins do not poke through the countertop.

To get the coins to shine, use a mixture of salt and vinegar.

4. Glass Window Shelves

Glass is an efficient option to add some sophistication to your kitchen.

To avoid cutting out natural light from the windows, you can put up glass shelves on the window. And place some utensils or vases on them.

You can buy glass shelves for a cheap price. Or you can even get existing glass objects, cut into the kind of shape you want.

 5. Artistic Plate Wall

This idea worked wonders for me.

If you love painting and have enough useless plates at home, this idea is going to work wonders for you.

Turn the old plates into art to give your kitchen an artistic feel.

It is a DIY project and simple to do.

Take some paper pins and attach them to the back of the plates using super glue. Now hand the plates on a bare wall using nails.

Put up the plates in a proper pattern, and you will love this new look.

For an even better effect, couple the color of the plates with contrasting wall paint. Or you can even paint plain plates with some exciting visuals.

5. Sharpie the Cabinets

With Sharpie markers, you can define the lines on the wooden cabinets.

You have to be extra careful to avoid drawing outside the lines.

If done correctly, the defined lines on the textured cabinet will look quite elegant.

7. Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-Cabinet Lighting

This kitchen renovation is one of my favorites.

Though minimalistic, lightning inside your cabinets can add a classy touch to your kitchen.

So, consider installing small lights on the upper part of the cabinet.

If the cabinets are opaque glass, it adds an even more beautiful look.

8. Pallet Wood Backsplash

For a rustic and textured look, get rid of your old backsplash and install reclaimed pallet wood as the backsplash.

It is an environmentally friendly technique. And can add a great look to your kitchen at a nominal cost.

9. Bright Cabinet Interiors

If you have glass doors on your cabinets, paint the interiors of the cabinet with a bright color.

I went with yellow as it makes a perfect blend with the cabinet lights.

10. Get a Wooden Island

DIY wooden islands are a great addition to your kitchen.

I got some help from my spouse to make a wood island for the center of my kitchen. And I can’t stop appreciating this masterpiece.

Alternatively, you can buy one from a thrift shop or a garage sale. Do consider the size of your kitchen before installing a kitchen island.

11. Mason Jar Light Bulbs

You can create a gorgeous chandelier using simple tools like a wire, a light bulb, and a mason jar.

The light bulbs add a vintage look to the kitchen. And are great for some late-night coffee sessions.

12. Pet Feeding Bowls

Our family includes a majestic Persian cat, and I take the responsibility of feeding her day and night.

Since I am mostly in the kitchen, I had the idea of installing the cat’s bowl in a permanent place.

So, at the bottom of the island, I made space to hold the bowl.

You can get a stainless steel bowl for a more elegant look.

13. Stenciled Pantry

An open pantry gives off a stylish look to the kitchen.

On top of it, if you go the extra mile making some patterns on the back wall of the pantry, it looks even better.

Get a stencil and make even patterns throughout the pantry wall so that it looks neat.

14. Reading Corner

I love reading and cooking. Getting these both, in the same place, was like a dream come true.

If you adore these habits and have some extra space in the kitchen, get a rocking chair for one corner of the room. And a small table for the books.

You will feel like not leaving the kitchen at all.

15. Remnant Stone Over Graphite

Thinking of remodeling the granite?

Use remnants. It’s a cheap alternative to granite and can help save you some serious bucks.

This idea is especially practical if you do not have to cover a lot of space on the countertop.

16. Sealed Cork Flooring

A great option when replacing the flooring is to get sealed cork flooring over the vinyl and tiled flooring.

Sealed cork is an excellent option if you want something light under your feet with the added benefit of being budget-friendly.

17. Colored Stools

If you have a kitchen island and a considerably larger kitchen, adding some seating arrangements to the island is a great idea.

Get colored stools to pop up the texture of your kitchen update renovations ideas.

If you have white painted cabinets, the splash of color will look even better.


Corner Shelf Ideas

18. Install Floating Shelves

Who doesn’t want more space in the kitchen?

With this kitchen renovation idea, you can add a bit of style to the kitchen while maintaining the functionality.

Get some wooden planks according to the wall size and place your utensils on them for a tidy, classy look.

You can even go with glass floating shelving to add a more glamorous touch and save some bucks.

19. Making Grout Shine

One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a glow is by cleaning the grout out of the tiles.

Then add a special grout paint for some added brightness.

The cleaned outlines between the tiles bring a more minimalist touch to the kitchen.

20. Install a New Sink

A new sink can make your kitchen look completely different.

This one is an obvious option but can be a bit costly.

However, they are more reasonable than getting your flooring renewed by a contractor.

21. Pecan Dining Table

This is a kitchen renovation that requires a little effort.

However, the results are worth it.

The process requires some handy work so you will have to use your tools to construct beams for support.

Look for good deals on pecan wood for the top.

A pecan table will look amazing with a warmly lit kitchen.

22. Blinds on the Window

With a new selection of blinds, your windows can add a striking detail to the room.

Get some dark-colored blinds for a better shady effect in the kitchen update renovations ideas.

It’s always great to try DIY projects when remodeling your kitchen. This way, you can let your creativity flow and do whatever you like with your space.

I assure you, experiments are the thing that leads to some great results.

I hope that these kitchen renovation ideas turn out well for you and pop up the ambiance of your kitchen. Do they? Let’s know in the comments below.

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