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Decorate A Spacious And Boring Hallway Ideas

Buildings are an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it’s a home, restaurant, or place of work, they form where we spend most of our time. Hence the need to offer them proper attention for our benefit.

This is the reason aesthetics in buildings have developed considerably over time. However, there is a part of the building structure which is often not given enough attention. The hallway!


Interestingly, the hallway is quite important because it can ‘make or break’ your building and more popularly, your home. Of course, we don’t mean a literal demolishing of your structures but when it comes to ratings on beauty, a hallway can make the difference.

With this in mind, we have researched some of the best ways to glitz up your hallway. Here is a list of ideas to decorate a spacious and boring hallway:


The effects of lights on the beautification of hallways can’t be over-emphasized. Lighting creates a brightening effect which would obviously add some sparkles to your hallways.

Of course, the type and tone of lighting will have to be in-line with the general home aesthetics. However, being a little bit creative would not hurt right.



This is excellent for those that want people passing by their hallway to have a second look. Arts in the form of paintings and structures could change your hallway experience.

Also, it is a very good option when looking to decorate boring hallways. So, ‘chop-chop’, getting the Mona Lisa on that wall may not be such a bad idea.


Well, we know you are not going to leave your hallway unsightly with bare woody walls. You most probably have it painted excellently already. However, we are referring to doing more to decorate your boring hallway.

Here, you can explore different colors and designs and see what works best for you.



Believe it, this works like magic. The whole concept behind painting your door in different colors from the general hallway is to give it a contrasting outlook. Interestingly, the sharp difference has been discovered to increase the attractiveness of hallways.

In fact, in our list of boring hallway decorating ideas, it tops the list in ‘ease and effectiveness’. However, it is advised to avoid paint colors that differ too much.


This is particularly good for decorating hallways in homes. The variety of options available in wallpapers make it a favorite option amongst those looking for a change in the tone of their hallway.

If you want a classic design for a workplace, there are several options available for that. Also, in the case of parents who want a look for their little ones, wallpapers of kids’ favorite cartoon characters and superheroes are quite abundant.



Chandeliers are another excellent option when it comes to decorating hallways. They are particularly good when the aim is to decorate a spacious way. The reason for this is not complicated. Chandeliers look best in an ample environment. Also, the dangling nature of the chandelier makes it a sight to look forward to.



Yes, you read that right. Painting the ceiling of the hallway does work in giving it an astonishing look. A good option would be to give the ceiling the same color as that of the doors around the hallway or the floor. However, other variations are welcome.



If you have something you would love to show off to visitors, the end of the hallway is one of your best bets to ensure they don’t miss it. So then, it looks like you’re hitting two birds with a single stone.

That is, decorating your hallways and showing off valuable pictures to visitors. It is important to note that it does not have to picture alone. Hanging arts, potteries, and sculptures can perform the trick as well.



Are you a lover of books? If yes, then we are glad to announce to you that the hallway is an excellent location for you to keep your prized literature. Thus beautifying the hallway and managing your space.

However, it does not have to books alone. Shelves that carry artistic pieces such as sculptures and so on can also be added to put some life to the hallway.


On a final note, the hallway must be spacious when considering the addition of shelves. Or else passing through it would be uncomfortable.



Now, this is a classic way to beautify the hallway. Getting the right type of rug design is a very good approach to decorate your spacious and boring hallway with minimal effort.

Some things to consider when selecting the best option of rug for your hallway include shape, color, pattern style, and thickness of the rug.



This is different from regular hallway wall paint and hanging artworks in the sense that artistic drawings are done directly on the wall. Although it may require some expertise, it is a very good option when looking to decorate boring hallways.

If you have good drawing skills it’s a fantastic avenue to test your creativity. If not, hiring a professional artist is not such a bad idea.


Although quite uncommon, mirrors are also very useful in ideas decorating boring hallways. One reason mirrors are loved is that they are applicable in designing varieties of hallways, be it narrow or spacious.

Also, mirrors offer you an opportunity to catch a glimpse of how you look while passing through the hallway. So, what is there not to love about them.

With any of these ideas in play, you should anticipate a positive change in the outlook of your hallways. You can decide to go with one at a time or a combination to give you the best decorations.

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