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New Window Ideas For Your House

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Few can deny that windows are a significant part of every home. They are not just your typical house accessory to provide adequate ventilation or shut inclement weather out. They can come in handy to provide fashionable décor to leave your house beautiful externally and internally. In line with that, if you’re looking for house new windows ideas, read on to find exclusive options to give your house a unique appeal.

Dormer Windows

Replace windows ideas are great when certain house conditions appear limited. An excellent example of that is when the exterior of your house has a large block of roofing. What you can do, though, is break that expansive space into windows. The perfect fit for this is dormer windows. They’ll help set the balance right, making your house exterior look awesome. Also, you’ll get enough height on the inside of your home and deflect some attention to your facade. What’s more, there are many spectacular dormer shapes to choose from. There’s the hip roof dormer, eyebrow dormer, the shed variety, as well as the gabled one, among others, to give your house that excellent look and feel.

Colored Window Frame

Colored Window Frames

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of color to make things worth the while. You can get this done on your window frames, especially if you don’t want a total window makeover. For example, your vinyl window frames will look great with a wide variety of colors you can pick. Further, you can go the extra mile with colors that are not on the current list. Whether you choose to blend white with red or some tan with gold, your windows will stand out.

Get Some Sidelights

It’s the in-thing now for house new windows ideas to have sidelights go along with beautiful windows. There are experts such as designers and architects to help you make the most of your windows and even doors. For example, if you have vertical windows placed around some doors, you can have a sidelight inserted close to it. Sidelights usually are narrow and can fit into cool spaces while illuminating the same area.
Furthermore, you have the option of choosing the operable ones that give your house that extra bit of ventilation. Another great advantage of having them is the fact that you get to keep nosy people and neighbors at bay. With sidelights, they’ll have a hard time of it looking into your house.

Bow & Bay Window

Bow and 3 Bay Windows

Your windows all look normal without adding any sort of beauty and distinction to your house. This is mostly the case when you have something quite dull and ordinary looking. Not like that’s a bad idea, but even modest homeowners will agree that adding some architectural interest works a treat. To that end, bow and bay windows give your house a great look, mainly if they’re located in the dining and living rooms. Further, you can add some style and variation by flanking them with a casement so that more light and air into your home.
Since a bow window is often a mix of windows with the same width and joined to form an arch, you can have some uniformity to create more appeal. On the flip side, bay windows offer a mix of 3 windows that have different width measurements. Whichever you choose will most likely have a better chance at creating an aesthetic appeal with window seats.

French Doors

French Doors In Place Of Windows

There are quite a good number of replacement windows ideas, but none is quite as daring as replacing your windows with French doors. This is also applicable to typical patio doors you want to do away with. Not only will French doors give your house some elevation, but they also provide more architectural character to it. Besides, you (and visitors!) get to enjoy a panoramic view with French doors in your wall. Your living space gets a much-needed boost while you enjoy the best of both worlds with indoor and outdoor ambiance.

French doors have grown in popularity over time. What’s more, they aren’t just replacements for windows and patio doors alone. Now, most houses have such doors for their refrigerators, typical living room doors, and even garages. In all, it’s an appealing look that adds a beautiful dimension to your house.

Clerestory Windows

With clerestory windows, you have to see it to believe it. Although they have come a long way in history, everyday uses of the design have made it quite the catch for house new windows ideas. These windows are usually placed below one roof and above another. This further adds definition to the rooflines, definitely encourages more privacy, and allows light to thrive through the spaces provided. What’s more, the architectural details of your ceiling and the unique views they let you have made it an excellent choice for windows.

Furthermore, if you’re a lover of natural spaces, this is the window to light up the areas. You’ll have a great time feeling like you’re outdoors; only this time, your clerestory windows are the main factor.

Use Transoms

Figuring out replace new windows ideas is a big deal. But if you’ve never considered a transom as an option, it’s time to give one a try. More so, window walls and transoms make for a great combination. A transom refers to a window used over the top of a door or another window. Most modern houses use this feature as a repetition for window wall designs. This way, all the height and width of their wall doesn’t go to waste.
Further, the light gets into your house more comfortable to keep things bright. Where to use transoms? Above cabinets and shelves in your kitchen or for your bathroom – just above your bathtub.

Finally, you can have fun mixing things up as you make out what’s best for your house. With this house new windows ideas, you’ll achieve the desired impact with the choice you make.

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